Sunday, 22 December 2013

Veni, vidi, vici

Ok, so I didn’t conquer Britain, but my Roman legions were certainly victorious today.


But the story doesn’t start there. When I arrived, the guys had already started playing a multiplayer game of Infinity for some Christmas fun. I’m not really sure on what was going on…. but there were lots of zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. And who doesn’t like a game with zombies?

Infinity Zombies! Lots of zombies!


The crux of the game seemed to be to stay alive, collect crates then get to the DZ to escape once the location was revealed (after a set number of turns). Each player had 75pts to spend on a force. I went simple and stuck with Caledonians;


3x Volunteer w/ rifle (1 was my Lieutenant)

1x Volunteer w/ chain rifle (can’t go without at least 1 chain rifle in a list! :) )

1x Volunteer w/ LGL

1x Cateran w/ T2 sniper rifle.

Caledonians arriving late


Rob had fielded his Yu Jing (mostly remotes…. not the best idea for a mission requiring PH roles to pick up crates…..), Mark had a Morat link team, Phil with Margot and Duroc and Garth was running his Haqqislam.


I took a few photos throughout the game and my game plan consisted mostly of just shooting zombies. Even if that created noise which spawns even more (and tougher depending on the result) zombies :) My Cateran didn’t mind…. just more targets.

Cateran sniping zombies Yu Jing buring out zombies Trouble ahead Morats having fun Head shot! Bye bye Abomination Morats trapped


One of my Volunteers was able to pick up a crate. So once the DZ was identified, she legged it with my Lieutenant to escape (just running past some zombies on the way). Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices…. the other volunteers were left behind as zombie food….

Run At the DZ


Not really sure what the end result was. I think I had 2pts… whatever that meant. Still good fun. I really should play a few more Infinity games. One of the other guys may post a link with the mission details (hint) :)


After that, a few others turned up to see what was happening and engage in some general chit chat. As there was quite a few of us, a couple of the guys sat out to continue the general chit chat leaving Phil, Chris, Mark and I to sort out some FoG games since the guys want some practice prior to an upcoming tournament. After a bit of a roll off, I was going to playing Phil’s Spartans. Force size was 600pts again. My force was unchanged from the last game:

Army List


Phil’s Spartans were something along the lines of this….

2 BG Spartans (8 bases)

2 BG Perioikoi (8 bases)

1 BG Thracians (8 bases)

1 BG Helot mob

2 BG Peltasts (1x 8, 1x6)

1 BG Iphikratean (8 bases) – I think this is what they were

3 Commanders


The set-up.,,, the Romans are in the foreground…

Field of Glory Field of Glory


Spartans and Legionnaires lined up. This would be main area of focus to determine the victor….

Field of Glory


Now I didn’t realise that Phil had Perioikoi in the force and that they are different from Spartans. He probably told me, but I probably wasn’t listening. Therefore, I naturally assumed that the battlegroups my Legionnaires were facing were all Spartans. But, in actual fact, one of the BG’s in the front line was a group of Perioikoi. I don’t think the POA’s had been worked out correctly when fighting this unit (advantages may have been more even), but it all worked out in the end.


After the last game against pike, I was nervous about dealing with all the offensive spear I was now facing. Without disrupting them I was going to be in trouble and my flanks were somewhat exposed again. Therefore, I kept my Cavalry back to delay any forces that may try to flank. Phil marched his troops pretty quickly towards the Roman line, eager to get into combat. Getting to grips quickly would mean the game would be quick and, with Phil having no Cavalry, I could forget about my flanks and focus on chopping up Spartans. Phew!

 The lines close 

The march moving meant for very little skirmishing, but my Velites and the smaller group of Peltasts threw pointy sticks at each other. The Velites aim was better disrupting the Peltasts. My turn was next, so I did my usual trick of charging my Velites at the Peltasts. I was actually rather surprised that Phil ordered them to hold, but I guess the odds were worth a crack (no net POA’s). Bad news though…. my Velites make short work of them and they break. Luckily a Spartan commander is nearby to rally them in a following turn while the other group of Perioikoi chase my Velites for the rest of the game.

Velites charge! Velites scarper!


In the centre, the skirmishers quickly break-off as the main lines close and then clash.

No more skirmishing thanks. Clash of steel and bronze


The Illyrian foot also close quickly with the Thracians.

 Illyrian foot Dealing to Thracians


Back to the centre though…. neither side really seems to do much to the other to start with. I’m getting a little worried having done nothing in the impact phase to disrupt the Spartans. So I’m not looking forward to having to roll lots of 5’s to hold off the Spartans…. but Spartan morale is pretty low today (just like last time I faced them… my Romans had barely touched them and they were off home as fast as they could go!?!). With my Numidian’s threatening a flank, the Perioikoi break after loosing melee. The loss of one of the Spartan commanders doesn’t help….. a few more Spartan groups become disrupted.

Trouble Light horse doing what they do best


The Numidian’s chase the Perioikoi, but provide a very tempting target for the Spartan BG providing rear support. Much to my surprise they charge…. putting their own flank right in front of an unengaged Legionary battlegroup! The Numidians just need to hold on for 1 turn. Just 1! Oh and see those 2 black dice in the second picture….

 Charge! Spartan line crumbling


Here’s a close up of them…. the tanks are 6’s….. that means trouble for Sparta. Someone’s going home on their shield.

Double 6 = dead Spartan general


In the same melee phase as the Numidians miraculously draw combat with the Spartans, another Spartan general is killed. The Numidians holding allows the Legionnaires to charge the Spartans in the flank breaking them. Meanwhile, the Illyrian foot had made short work of the Thracians and charged the Helot mob soon breaking them as well.

 Spartan line broken Helot mob broken


And that meant game over with a very decisive win for the Romans. Bit of a lucky win with some good rolling on my part (like rolling double 6’s twice killing his generals) and not so good for Phil. I don’t think he passed any cohesion checks throughout the game. Perhaps playing the delaying game would have worked a little better for him as this would have allowed his overlap to threaten my flank more. That would have definitely got me worried!


Mark’s Indians looked like they were having an epic battle against Chris’ Carthaginians. I snapped a few photos of their game as both armies look fantastic (as does the table & terrain). I’m not sure of the end result.  It was still going when I left and it seemed to be hanging in the balance with either player able to win!

Field of Glory Carthage Indian Field of Glory Field of Glory Field of Glory Mark's Indian camp Field of Glory Carthage Field of Glory Carthage Field of Glory Field of Glory


Rob and Phil rocked out a game of Dreadball. Not sure on the forces or the result sorry. Didn’t take many pics, the game above was more interesting…. :)



Anyway, that was the last gaming day before Christmas. Enjoy your break (if you’re getting one) and the holiday period….. I’m well stocked, so I know I will… I have 3 bottles…. :)



Hopefully Santa brings lots of toys for gaming with in the New Year. Merry Christmas :)

Cthulu Santa