Sunday, 15 December 2013

Return to the Old West

So today was hot and then more hot. Mark’s garage was even hotter. There was a lot of sitting and sweating, but we managed to get a few games out.


Mark had set-up another nice table with his Western buildings. This time we decided to play Legends of the Old West rather than Malifaux as originally planned. This would allow Garth to get into the action.

Old West Town


The lads in deep thought….

Thinking hard...


I ran my Lawmen force (no change from last time), Mark used his crazy Mexican banditos and Garth borrowed Mark’s gang of Cowboys. To make things a little more interesting, a safe was placed in the towns hotel. That would be the objective with the Cowboys/Mexicans trying to break it open and steal the contents. The Lawmen were trying to get in to protect it.


We also adjusted came up with a bit of a house rule on fanning six-shooters as the rules aren’t really clear on the effect of jamming. Normally we just roll all 6 dice in one go and any jams would cancel all hits. This time we would roll 1 die at a time and any hits prior to a jam would still potentially hit. It worked well and seemed to fit the intent of the game better.

The main hotel


We set-up. I was on one of the long edges while the other gangs took opposite corners.

Lawmen Mexicans Cowboys


A couple of Upstanding Citizens were a little bit nervous prior to the battle. Luckily some local facilities were on hand.

Ew.. what a stink!


The Mexicans and Lawmen make a beeline straight for the objective. The Cowboys consider their options and the terrain in front of them…. they head off on a “flanking move” (or as I prefer… cowering around the buildings).

Cowboys "advancing" More "advancing"Lawmen advancing  


Both my Deputies make for some high ground to cover the advance of the rest of the Lawmen. Cowboys continue to hide around buildings (except the one with the rifle) and the Mexicans keep heading straight for the building with the safe. The Cowboy rifleman takes out one of my Upstanding Citizens as I just run everyone across the road to the hotel entrance. First blood to Garth.

 Mexicans in sight! Lined up  Bang!


A few more shots are traded, but not much happens. Things aren’t looking good though…. I’m a little exposed! Mexicans and Lawmen start piling into the hotel, but the Lawmen have the advantage of numbers (4 to 2). Now its time for a real gunfight! Once the smoke settles one Vigilante and one Mexican is dead. The remaining Mexican is hit twice and fails his pluck test (twice! I failed to wound twice!) legging it upstairs. But this works in Mark’s favour as he’s closer to the safe. Next turn he tries to open the safe, but fails.

 Gunfight! The safe is mine! Not.


Another Mexican pops his head up to try and blast my Deputy on the balcony. We both miss.



I think there was a bit of shooting between the Cowboys and Mexicans on the other side of town around this time as well. Along with some fisty cuffs. A few casualties are caused on both sides.

Looking across the town


The two Mexicans outside by the stairs to the second level of the hotel come rushing in to try and slow down the Lawmen. One rushes my Sheriff thinking this’ll be easy. End result…. one incapacitated Mexican as my Sheriff just pistol whips him.



The Lawmen continue to advance up the stairs to reach the safe. Some of the Cowboys also make it to the building. The Mexicans hear my Lawmen approaching as since they fail again to open the safe…. they jump out the windows to escape…. but this is straight into the line of fire of Deputies rifles.

Thud thud thud Jump!  


More Mexican casualties mean they fail their pluck test and head for the hills. The Cowboys are now around the building. One starts running up the stairs to the second floor, the one on the balcony gets ready as another legs it across the street to try and deal to the Deputy on the roof. I get the drop though…. 3 shots. 3 dead Cowboys. That’s game over. The Lawmen save the day! :)

Old West Guard the safe! Area secure


By this time, the sun had been hidden behind a small, but very dark cloud. As it moved closer we were treated to a nice loud thunderstorm. Things had been so hot earlier that the rain just turned to steam when hitting the road (a little hard to see in the photo).

Thunder and..... ....steam


It was getting a little late in the afternoon. The other guys had finished their game of Infinity so we decided on a board game next…..



I randomly picked Machete (oops sorry… El Cholo) as my character…

El Cholo


Basically the mission we randomly picked meant we had to search for certain survival items (food, water etc) and then escape in one of the cars. On opening the first door a rather large and spikey zombie was spawned much to the dismay of my team mates…. but Machete knows better. Machete’s not scared. A fair bit of running round, machete chopping, chain sawing and running over zombies sees them whittled down as we collect the required items.

Zombicide Zombicide Zombicide Zombicide


End result. We drive off into the sunset with only one team mate dead. Not a bad result :)



To round the afternoon off, a game of King of Tokyo was played where my victory was cruelly snatched from my grasp in the dying moments of the game! :)


All good fun though. The rain had stopped, so I used the chance to disappear as it was getting late. I think the guys were rocking out another game of King of Tokyo as I left.