Sunday, 8 December 2013


So I packed everything for gaming. Double checked that I had everything and then headed off to Mark’s place for a day of gaming.


I arrived, got my camera out and had that sinking feeling. I’d forgotten something and I immediately knew what it was without even looking….. I’d left the battery for my camera in the charger….. d’oh. No fancy pictures today then.


But no matter, I had my tablet and decided to try using that for photos, so the pictures aren’t anywhere near as good. We also had cheese. Cheese is good. Especially Gruyere cheese.

 Mark likes cheese


Gaming wise….. Phil & Rob were already playing a game of FoG. Garth arrived and after browsing the web looking at pretty toys with Mark for a bit….we decided to have a game of FoG as well.


For FoG. I only have Late Republican Romans and Garth been working on assembling a Later Seleucid force with loads of spikey bits (which get very annoying when they constantly stab you!).


My force consisted off:

Army list


Garth’s force consisted off (I think):

2 Troop Commanders

1 BG of Agema

3 BG of Phalanx

1 BG of Argyraspides (impact foot/skilled sword)

2 BG of Archers (light foot)

1 BG Thracians

1 BG Skythian Cavalry

1 BG of Thureophoroi or Thorakitai


Neither of us have played much in the way of FoG, so neither of us really know what to do :)


Hence we lined up ready to run at each other (Romans in the foreground, Later Seleucids at the top of the picture).

Field of Glory Field of Glory


So basically we both walked towards each. Garth was rather bemused by my Velites constantly charging his archers since it was rather unexpected,  I find that the Velites are actually quite good at dealing to other skirmishers (mainly archers & slingers) since they are protected and the javelins count as light spear in impact. Most people don’t expect skirmishers to charge, so it’s a nice little trick to pull out. As it was, we kinda just chased each other back and forwards as I charged, they ran away, they moved back to shoot. Shooting was a waste of time for the whole game on both sides.


My big unit of Cavalry kept the Skythain’s honest for a turn or two before getting into to charge range of the Agema. I decided to charge much to the dismay of those around us! Don’t do that they cried, it’s suicide. My response…. meh, I just want to see what happens. A few turns later:

Field of Glory


All honestly, I should have been quickly chewed up by them, but the overlap and some good rolling kept them in the battle. Luckily I broke them when I did… far too many pointy things were about to charge in the next turn.


Over in centre though…. things weren’t looking so good. The Legionaries were outnumbered…..

Field of Glory Field of Glory 


Things don’t start so well for the Romans as a couple of turns of fighting see one Legion BG break, but the remainder fight as if they were defending the gates of Rome!! I seem to pass every cohesion check to hold on, but its through Legionaries giving up their lives.


Meanwhile, the Illyrian’s on the right flank also hold their own whilst outnumbered and refuse to break as well.


Time is not on my side though. Although the Seleucid Agema and Argyraspides break, the number of casualties in the Illyrian and Legionary BG’s see them auto break ending the game in a victory for the Seleucids.

Field of Glory Field of Glory Field of Glory


As much as the Romans are tough, I still haven’t figured out how best to use them. So far, its feels like the impact phase is critical for me. I have to win there and disrupt the battlegroups I’m fighting to even up the odds, but steady pike (and spear) are just tough. I got lucky with the Cavalry. Normally they die very quickly and in previous games I’ve tried to hold them back as rear support/second line of defense to get better use out of them. Chasing after the Skythians was just too tempting though, If I didn’t chase them off, then I suspect the Skythians would have caused some havoc in the rear areas.


By now it was a bit later in the afternoon. The weather is also crap (wet & humid…. typical Auckland weather), so a board game was decided on next. This also allowed Mark to join in. Phil and Rob were far too busy playing another game of FoG (no doubt Rob will blog about this later, so check out his report there).


King of Tokyo was chosen. Mark also had the expansion to the game as well. We played the first game without the expansion.

King of Tokyo King of Tokyo


And of course I won the first game. Seems I’m quite good at rolling triples :)


Adding in the expansion added a cool element with the evolutions giving the game a twist and more flavour. The game is great fun and was a good way to finish of an afternoons gaming. Definitely recommended.