Friday, 3 January 2014

2014: The Goals

So I thought I’d post up some hobby/interest related goals. You know, do the whole “if you make it public” then you’ll do it kinda thing. So here goes:

I must paint more. This year I would like to paint (100% finished!):

1) FoG Late Republican Romans.

Well finish them really and they are almost finished, so should be an easy goal.

This will give me an 800pt force for FoG which is pretty solid.

2) Malifaux

Paint up this crew:

I’m gonna need to figure out how to do zombie skin. So might do number 3 first…

3) A small Axis Dust Warfare force

This will consist of painting:
  • Laser grenadiers (started 2013)
  • Battle grenadiers (started 2013)
  • Zombie squad!
  • Command section
  • 1 Walker (which one has yet to be decided, but not the big massive one!)

Painting the walker will also allow me to try out some of the AK Interactive stuff I’ve bought this year.

4) Empire of the Dead

I’d like to paint up one of the crews I bought from the Kickstarter, but haven’t decided which one yet. Will decide when I get the others above completed. Also means that I should also aim to have my first game of EotD this year as well!

If I get those completed (I’m a very slow painter) then I’ll think about what could be next. I’d probably like to go back to 15mm, so likely to be a FoW force.

But, that’s not all for gaming. We game regularly on Sundays, but I should really support more tournaments. Therefore, I’m aiming to get to 3 tournaments (big or small) this year. I reckon thats reasonable (and a bit of a stretch with everything else I have going on :) ).

Oh and the final goal… to not pick up any new gaming systems. I have enough and more than enough unpainted lead.

Last year my goal was body shape (weight & fat percentage) which I hit. I had been thinking about Crossfit for 2014, but talking to my trainer we came up with the following as a goal… something a little different for someone of my build (lI’m like a lean mean fighting machine aka a beanpole). So this year will be:
  • Bench press 100kg (body weight can increase doing this, but I must maintain fat percentage)
  • Complete a set of pull ups with a weight attached. 5 – 10kg… not sure on the best weight to aim for
  • Focus on building hand speed for boxing (i.e. stop being lazy on the heavy bag)
  • Maintain or improve my current fitness level
Reading, I should read more, so I’d like to read a minimum of 4 books this year.
Photography wise, I have no real goals. Don’t know enough to set one yet! :) Focus will just stay on getting out and about to learn how to use my camera and take great photos :)
I’ve got all year… how hard can these be? :)