Monday, 20 January 2014

Event Time

So I just registered and paid for two very different events and they couldn’t be more different….


First up -


My first gaming tournament for the year. I’ll be playing in the Field of Glory Ancients tournament. 6 games over 2 days at 600pts per game. The force I’ll field will be my stock standard Late Republican Romans. I know what I said in my last post…. but no changes to the force. I’m keeping the Cav :) I think I will just stick to using them as rear support. I must remember that they are not frontline troops!


So the other event. Very different I said… well check it out:



A group of the guys and gals from the gym I go are putting a team together, so I’m in. Am only slightly nervous after reading the waiver and having to enter my next of kin details…..


Check out the website here: (this is for the Auckland event).


20km run with something like 20 obstacles. The promo stuff is pretty cool -

ecard_earned-a-beer-_small ecards_kids-again-_small



I like the fact that this isn’t a race. It’s about the team. It’s about overcoming your fears. It’ll be tough. It’ll be awesome.