Sunday, 7 September 2014

Something Different

Today is Father's Day here in NZ, so there was no gaming today.

Sooo... to make the most of the day (and since the weather forecast was looking okish)... Rob and I headed out to for a bit of a play around photography wise.

Neither of us had been out to North Head for a very long time. Now, North Head, for all my overseas friends (that includes you Southerners... :) ), is an old military site guarding the harbour to Auckland.

It was originally built in case of a Russian invasion in the late 1800's and it was then extended further during the world wars. Here is a PDF document showing the site in more detail. It's well worth a visit for some great views across Auckland, but you also get to look through some of the old bunkers and tunnels.

Rob's put a few photos from today up on his blog here. He remembered to change his camera back to autofocus when we were back in daylight around the main guns that are still in place...

It ended up being a fantastic day as the weather really turned it on (maybe Spring is actually here!). Bright, sunny and hot! I wish I had worn shorts... The great weather meant the views were fantastic.

The real reason we were here was to try out some photography in the tunnels/bunkers and play around with different lighting effects. The techniques used involved tripods, very long exposures (30s) and torches.... Rob also had some colour gels to play around with as well.

It all made for some great effects including light painting and ghosting. I was keen to try and create a few eerie looking photos, but my old mug just isn't that scary looking... :)

Finally, a lot of Tui were also out enjoying the sunshine... I enjoy photographing these guys as they have the most amazing colours.

I hope you enjoyed :) It was certainly good fun playing around taking all the photos today.

Until next time. Thanks for having a read.