Sunday, 14 September 2014

It's Sunday again

And that means it's gaming day.

I was late to gaming (again :) ), but this time it was due to popping into Ardmore airport on the way there. Battle of Britain commemorations were being held today and normally there is a flypast of the warbirds based at Ardmore. I had been hoping to photograph them taking off. This is the best I got...

... before they and the rest of the aircraft were returned to their hangars due to the crap weather.

On arrival at Mark's, Phil (USMC) and Mr Darling (British) were playing a game of Bolt Action. Darling was giving the USMC a good old thrashing. Great work for his first game :)

They were playing  maximum attrition and British firepower certainly made short work of the USMC forces. I snapped a couple of pics..

This was basically the turning point of the game.... the British artillery bombardment arrives at the same time as the USMC air strike mis-identifies its target and hits the USMC lines (Phil rolled a 1...). Look at all those pins... (the  unit hit by the air strike was also destroyed).

The game finished (with British victory) and none of us were that keen to roll out another game. I hadn't even realised that GuardCon was on this weekend. As it happened it was just down the road and a couple of mates had registered to play Saga. We decided to pop down there to have a look for the rest of the afternoon.

Now I had been wondering why I was struggling to take some good pics... just before leaving GuardCon I realised why... I had accidentally flicked the image stabiliser on the lens I was using to off! Whoops.... end result = not many good photos.


I just admit that I am very curious about this game. The game play with the battle boards looks very interesting. I just haven't found a force yet that captures my interest to really draw me in, but who knows...


I really should seriously think about FlamesCon....


The Titans on display looked cool. The rest of the armies... some interesting ones, but I just really do not miss these games at all.

But what did really stand out was this -


It seems that these guys had been trying to get a tournament organised for GuardCon, but couldn't round up enough players. If only we had known! :) I wouldn't have had enough stuff painted anyway, but could be something for next year.

They had a very cool set-up. Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice. 

Until next week. Thanks for popping in and having a look.