Monday, 15 September 2014


My Crossfit journey started today.

All I can say is.. cripes what I got myself into! :)

Something that I may become quite addicted to....!

Awesome start to the journey. There are 4 of us in this intro cert course, so a nice small number for all the technique training.

Session consisted of ~45mins of technique followed by a fitness test.... uh oh... I wasn't expecting that.

400m run
40 air squats (hips below knees)
30 sit ups
20 hand release press-ups
10 strict pull-ups


I'm not normally that competitive. I normally just focus on achieving personal bests when training.

But there is this young fella in the group. He talked himself down a bit prior to the fitness test.

The timer counted down and then we just ate his dust on the 400m run! That boy was quick.

I got him on the pull-ups though :) Helps being tall (I'm 6ft 1) and having some strength.

Ended up with a time of 4min 46sec to complete the test. Fastest in my group (and yeap I was knackered at the end of it), but there was a time of 4min 38sec in the morning intro cert class.

I've now got 4 weeks of intro training and the test is repeated.

Expectations are high. I reckon there is some good time to be shaved off in the run, squats (downside of being tall) and pull-ups. That young fella is going to be hard to bet second time round though....

I'll let you know how I get on :)