Monday, 1 September 2014

Dr Who

What more could you want.... a confused Scottish Dr.... Jenna Coleman... and a dinosaur rampaging through Victorian London :)

I enjoyed the season opener. It was a pretty good way to introduce the new Doctor and refresh the show.

I'll be keeping an eye out from now on for people with "attack eyebrows". Best scene in the show! :)

Still... I kept expecting an angry Malcom Tucker style tirade from the Dr... I learnt some new words from watching "The Thick Of It"! 

The new opening scene was very cool and I just read today that it was basically put together by a fan. Awesome work.

Anyway.. bring on the Daleks next weekend.... Exterminate! Exterminate! 

But.... not only is it great to have the Dr back on TV screens.... I was also amazed to see one of my favourite directors had directed the opening episode and next weekends episode. None other than Ben Wheatley...

Ben Wheatley of "Kill List" fame. If you love horror/thriller and can handle a bit of the old ultra-violence then this is a fantastic movie. I guarantee that your jaw will hit the ground in the final scenes and it will stay that way for a few days....

He's been involved in 4 movies so far, either as writer, producer and/or director.

Here's the others.... be warned... they are all very different, but good in their own right (I enjoyed them anyway).

A Field in England - a psychedelic thriller set during the English Civil War

Sightseers - black comedy. very black and dry

Down Terrace - a family of criminals. Michael Smiley as the assassin is great, but the movie is a little slow.

Oh and  his segement ("U") in The ABC's of Death was also awesome (one of the better segments).

Watch Kill List though! It is awesome.