Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Another year ends

So, today sees the end of 2014.

Time to reflect on what I've actually done this year... has it been a good year? :)

Well. this is what I said I was going to do...

So how did I do?


Well, I did finish painting my FoG Romans. See here, And I completed a small Dust force. See here and here.

And that's about all. I didn't paint any Malifaux or Empire of the Dead. That got kinda superseded as I failed miserably at one of my other goals... namely not getting into any new games! But I couldn't resist...  Bolt Action and then Saga came along (although technically not Saga just yet as I haven't purchased any mini's).

But I have been painting my Bolt Action Germans. 2 squads are done with a 3rd not far behind. The vehicles are also pretty well advanced too, so hopefully there might be a painting post early in the New Year :)

Gaming wise, things are going well. The regular Sunday's are always enjoyable and there's only a handful that have been missed (as far as I can recall). I think I generally win more than I lose, but it's probably a pretty close split. I don't think there has been as much variety in games this year which has also been good. Means we've been able to grasp the rules better!

Tournaments wise... well I made one. Battlecry (here and here) which I enjoyed, but never really got to any others. Had hoped to get to a Snaphot, but they never really worked out and I decided against Flamescon since a number of good mates weren't attending.

I suspect gaming will remain with the status quo in 2015. Some good Sunday sessions, slowly chipping away at painting and maybe Battlecry/Flamescon... but I seem to have too many other distractions...


.... like taking photo's! :)

Has been good fun getting out and about this year. Lot's trips and shows... (I won't link all the blog posts)

Lantern Fesitval, Classic's of the Sky, Ardmore open days, Melbourne (fantastic trip!), Tiritiri Matangi (finally), North Head, Muriwai and lots of other little trips...

Here's a few of my fav's:


And lot's more to come in 2015 I'm sure. I've the new toy, there's plenty of shows on and no doubt we'll be out and about for some random stuff as well.


This has probably been the biggest focus and distraction from painting this year...

I was pretty much the strongest and fittest I've ever been leading into this...

Tough Mudder! :)

Awesome fun, but I was a broken man afterwards. A string of injuries made training tough. Luckily, I'd hit all my goals prior to Tough Mudder :)

But we're back in the game! Everything is feeling good and I'm getting the hang of this crossfit thing now.

So, boxing fitness, crossfit and a new diet have meant I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. So, now I just have to get strong. I'm expecting things to ramp up in regards to crossfit in 2015 and with that will come strength. Not sure I'll be game enough to compete in a comp... but who knows!?

Work wise

I rarely talk about work, mainly because it is work and I leave work at work, but mainly because things are fine. The new boss is happy (always a good thing!) and I've been selected for some training next year along with being given a co-leadership role in a project with one of the senior managers (who is also now my mentor). So, I'm happy. Frucor is a pretty cool company to work for.

What else is there.... reading.. well I read 2 books, but unfortunately I got 3 books for my birthday/Christmas... so net result is my book pile has got bigger! I do need to switch the laptop off and read more, but there are so many good shows (Vikings, Game of Thrones..... :) )

Not sure there is much else to say... a good year with good mates and even some new mates.

So, bring it on 2015!

And especially this....

So wishing you all a Happy New Year! Enjoy :)


  1. Happy New Year Will, all the best for 2015. Impressive array of photo's there too, really nice :-)

  2. Yep, it was a good year, and now Roll on Omaka .. cant wait....