Friday, 19 December 2014

Rite of Passage

Firstly. Rope climbs suck. Period

But mainly because I struggled with my technique tonight which just meant I got frustrated.

Still, I feel I completed a Crossfit rite of passage today.... check out these hands:

Come and do Crossfit, you'll have fun they said... :)

That's from a whole heap of kipping pull-ups and barbell work. Am stoked with how my kipping has come along. Felt really good.

I've seen worse looking hands than mine though... hopefully they harden soon!

So, after a few months, I am now finally enjoying Crossfit.

The first month after the intro was pretty brutal as I re-discovered a number of old weak spots in the body and I paid for it due to not having some of the moves quite right.

Another month on again and I'm on the right track now... my cleans are looking a lot better. My back is sweet, so deadlift weights are getting back up there. I'm learning to loathe all the different variations of burpees (especially when there are wall balls in the same workout...). I'm also mostly doing the intermediate scale (up from basic) and reckon I could be onto advanced early in the New Year.

All in all, things are looking good and feeling good. After dieting for the last few months, my body is looking pretty awesome (I actually have abs now... almost a 6 pack) and I can feel myself getting fitter and stonger!

Not bad for someone who just turned 36 :)

Bring it on 2015!


  1. Office hands ... LOL.... 36 and you still haven't learnt 😈

    1. My poor soft office hands... they're being ruined :)

  2. Haha, All good for you 36 year olds, but when you hit 50 like me see how much rope climbing you do lol, Well done.

    1. No excuses Mark.... :)