Sunday, 1 March 2015

An old friend returns

It was the return of an old friend today... a game I haven't played for some time - Infinity!

Always loved this game. So quick. So brutal. And it's been too long since I last played it.

I think so long... that it hasn't even made it onto this blog!

With the recent release of N3 (V3 rules), it was time to get it back on the table as rules tweaks were looking pretty good.

Today was that today. I blew the dust of the terrain boxes and my Infinity bag of models and headed over to gaming.

When I arrived Mark & Phil were already playing, so on Rob's arrival we busted out a small 150pt game. Rob's Yu Jing vs. my Caledonian's (Ariadna sectorial aka crazy Scots!)

I took..

3 Volunteers w/ rifles (1 as a Lieutenant)
1 Volunteer w/ chain rifle
1 Volunteer w/ grenade launcher
1 Cateran w/ T2 sniper rifle
1 Wulver w/ T2 rifle
1 Grey w/ AP HMG
1 SAS w/ chain rifle

I think Rob took...

1 Hsien w/ HMG
4(?) basic dudes

We just played "kill each other as quickly as possible" as we were pretty rusty on the old rules let alone having any idea on the new rules chagnes.

Rob had to deploy first and I would go first. The set-up...

The Hsien... one tough mother... he had me worried.

My Cateran and Wulver were in position to deal to him though....

Until some lucky shooting from a Ninja and one of the Yu Jing cannon fodder kills them in the first turn! Two of my key troops already dead. Uh oh....

My girl spec shoots a grenade onto the Ninja who just nimbly dodges out of the way.

I'm not very happy and am very nervous at this point.... especially when this happens!

Chain rifle to the face though! Luckily the SAS trooper manages to get a chain rifle shot of as the Hsien charges in and takes a wound of him. Even luckier for the SAS trooper... the Hsien misses his close combat attack.

Another round of close combat sees the Hsian fall (he missed, I hit) and I breathe a sigh of relief as the rest of my troops begin mopping up operations. Victory to the Scots!

Quite a few criticals were rolled in this game. It was quite amusing when the Hsien went after my Grey (4 dice vs. my 1), but we both rolled crits and then repeated it with the very next order. Luckily, under the new rules, they now cancel each other out :) Lucky for me anyway...

As we finishing our game off Phil and Mark had started another battle. This time over a large urban building. Looked like quite an interesting set-up - lots of room to room fighting and getting up close and personal!

Rob and I tweaked our set-up and played again with the same forces.

The Yu Jing advance is lead by the Hsien this time....

But this time my Cateran is ready...

The Hsien barely registers the flash before falling dead. A single T2 round from the Cateran's sniper rifle does the business. This pretty much hamstrings Rob.

His Ninja and my Wulver trade shots, but to little avail. Whilst the Wulver and Grey both take down one of the basic Yu Jing troopers each causing them to frenzy (now impetuous).

But, in all honesty, the Ninja is not in a good place  (was actually in tower... not on top!) to be effective, so mopping up of the other Yu Jing troopers begins. Another Scottish victory.

All in all a good intro back into a cool game. So far the rules tweaks look good and, so far, seem to have simplified things. We didn't get into too many tricky situations and most of the rulebook searching was just checking up on certain abilities.

Infinity season has now commenced! :)

But it was too hot for more Infinity today, so we changed games...

Rob had bought D&D attack wing (think X-Wing, but with dragons!), so we had a go at that.

Mark and I teamed up on evil side with 2 dragons each. Rob and Phil faced us with 2 dragons and a giant.

All good fun and my dragon's breath weapons did the trick eventually taking out Rob & Phil's forces. Mark's dragons helped a little bit.... :)

Thanks for reading :)

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