Sunday, 8 March 2015

Infinity continues

It was a slow start this morning after a late night last night watching the spectacular that was Groupe F: Skin of Fire...

(photos shamelessly stolen from the interwebs...)

Awesome show. What's not to love about guys in light suits covered in or surrounded by fireworks (including being lifted up by crane) during a massive fireworks display whilst a visual display is projected onto the entire side of the Auckland War Memorial museum!! Shame about the heavy downpour halfway through though. Still, the rain disappeared as quick as it arrived.

Crossfit was slow... then breakfast was slow.... then I finally packed everything.

And finally made it to gaming. But not before spotting this take of from Ardmore. Another new classic aircraft I haven't seen before. Not sure where it was heading off too....

Beech D18s:

I had the wrong lens on at the time, so the photo isn't the best.

Looked cool, but seemed to struggle to get off the ground! :) Hopefully, I'll get to see it again soon for some better pics.

Anyway. As I arrived at Mark's, Phil and James were starting a game. Mark was waiting for either Rob or I to get a list organised.

List making was slow.... So far Army 5 for Infinity is still not released, so we're still having to use pdf's, pen and paper. Gosh, the horror of having to write stuff and add numbers together! I think we've become to accustomed to great online army builders :) We both seemed to take our time... it was as if neither of us were keen on playing...

I managed to be slower than Rob in organising a list, so Rob played Mark first. Rob's Combined army would take on Mark's Morats. Training mission perhaps?

I took a few photos...

The table set-up...

The Combined forces advance...

Some Morat's...

What's that in the distance I wonder... nothing but red mist after a burst of HMG fire!
The Sogarat Lt tries to get into high ground....
... but Combined forces close in for the kill 
Dice are rolled. Mark's face says it all....

The Sogarat is dead. The Combined win (I think :) ).

Mark and I then played a game. Kill each other as quick as possible was the mission. I ran my Scot's with the exact same force as last week. Check it out here.

Mark had taken (if I recall correctly... Mark may post his list... although probably not since I've posted that pic of him :) )

Sogarat w/ HMG
4(?) Morat's w/ Combi rifle

Table set-up was the same. And we started....

I charged my SAS and Wulver forward. The Wulver to get into a good position. The SAS to take out one of the Morat's...

... but the Morat gets lucky. It's armour saves it from 2 chain rifle blasts and one of it's reaction shots gets past the cover and kills my SAS trooper. Bugger.

Then another Morat plays peek-a-boo with my Wulver.... but to no effect.

So the Sogarat climbs up onto one of building and unleashes with his HMG...

Result = 1 dead Wulver. 2 of my key troops are now dead. Unbeknownst to the Sogarat though, he'd moved into LoF of my Cateran.

But I miss.

So the Sogarat moves up to cover to get some protection and position himself nicely. That ends Mark's turn.

See that model at the bottom of my picture.... that's my AP HMP armed Grey. The Sogarat hadn't seen him either... he was too intent on dealing with my sniper.

I spend one of my special orders and combine the actions of the Cateran & Grey. The Grey spearheads the attack.

The dice are rolled....

Both my troops get a hit on the Sogarat.

The Sogarat gets no hits...

It has ARM 6 though. Crap.

The hit from the Grey is saved.

But the sniper's round gets through the armour.

I love T2 ammo... 2 wounds on the Sogarat.

I have 4 orders left and a bit of a predicament. I know the Sogarat has an automedkit. So there is a chance it could revive in Mark's next turn. I really want it dead though.

I look at my orders.

I look at the distance to Sogarat.

I look at the Morat in the distance that will get LoF during some of the move.

I look back at the Sogarat.

It can't get back up.

It's balls to the wall time.

I charge my Grey forward.

The Morat fires and misses.

I move my Grey again to get into position.

2 orders left.

I move and fire.

The only hit I get just pings of the Sogarat's armour.


I move into base to base contact.

The Grey swings his sword and the Sogarats head comes clean off (coup de grace), but not before a round from the distant Morat finds it mark and fells the heroic Scottish Grey.

The game kinda winds down from here as neither of us can do much with our key assault troops dead. Although, I do manage to goad Mark into continuing our game of peek-a-boo with 2 of his Morat's and my Cateran.

The exchange of fire nets me another dead Morat.

End result... 99 pts of dead Morats vs. 97 pts of dead Scots. So slightly more Morats, but within the game rules, the close result means a draw.

All good fun and we're getting to grips with the rules again quite quickly. This time we'd experimented with using some of rules for zones of effect through creating saturation zones (-1 to your burst). It was interesting, but I think we need to play around with these (and low vis zones) a little more to get the right effect for the terrain we use.

Now it's back to Black Sails and the final 2 episodes of season 1. Can't wait to see what happens! Great series if you haven't seen it. If you've seen the TV series Vikings, then it's like that but with Pirates!! :)

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great report, especially the final assault. Sounds like a fun game, and it has quite a nice look to it too.

    1. Thanks Paul. It is a great game. Takes a bit to get your head round, but once you're there it is very quick and easy. It's the one game I have put quite a bit of effort into painting (that and FoW) :)