Sunday, 15 March 2015


A book review. I suddenly feel like I'm back at school :)

My brother got me Peter Fitzsimons book on Gallipoli for Christmas.

Initially I just added it to the large pile of books that I currently have, but I thought about it some more.

It seemed appropriate to bump it to the top of the list with 100yr anniversary of the landings fast approaching.

So I started it and I hardly wanted to put it down. I've read Peter Fitzsimons books on Kokoda and Tobruk as well and I enjoy his writing style. As per his own words, his style is to write them more as a novel perched on a large body of historical fact.

I feel the style allows the story to flow better and conveys much more emotion, both from the writer and the person or event he is writing about. Peter's thoughts on a few items come through very strongly!

The book is clearly very Australian centric, but covers the ANZAC force as a whole along with key NZ and English battles well. He also covers the Turkish side well too.

I've read lots of history books and a number on Gallipoli, but I felt I gained more insight on how it came to be and the evacuation. It's hard to fathom how and why such old men were chosen to lead such a force. So much waste - just read about the Light Horse charge at the Nek or Hunter-Weston's battles for Krithia. As for the evacuation - a work of genius.

Overall, it's well worth a read if you are interested in Gallipoli.

I suspect most of today will be spent reading another book since we've a nice little storm moving in!

Thanks for reading :)