Sunday, 29 March 2015

Going West

With a trip to Classic Fighters down in Omaka fast approaching... Rob, Mark G and I popped out to check out the Kumeu Militaria show.

The weather wasn't the best, as the day started with heavy showers and then settled to just a whole heap of heavy dark cloud.

As for the show.... Great if you wanted to buy some guns or general military stuff (medals and uniforms etc), but not a lot else on offer. A little bit on display and only one re-enactment. I suspect the weather may have thrown a few plans into disarray, but not a show I'd pop back to in a hurry.

Got a few okay photos though...

Then it was time for the re-enactment. I wandered up to be up near (and later behind the German position). Mainly to get away from all the bugs.... but I wanted to try for some different action shots.

Remember that Commando comic display from earlier.... I think these two have read too many of them! Especially when the guy on the left just picked up his bren gun and "ran" towards the nearest MG42!

"Check out my new boots!" :)

With the re-enactment over, there wasn't much else on offer. So, it was time for a coffee break and then out to Muriwai.

The sun was out now and had turned the day into the scorcher. Especially with no wind. No wind also meant the gannets weren't doing much, but the young ones have certainly got much bigger since I was last there!

But, for something different to photograph... there was also a surf comp on at Maori Bay. The light was starting to get pretty harsh by now, so I found it difficult to shoot. That and I don't have the same reach as Mark and Rob, so not many good ones.

All good fun though. Roll on next weekend!

I was going to end with go the Blackcaps... but maybe not :(

Thanks for having a look.