Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Fast & Furious

The box where I train at had a friendly competition against another box on Saturday. When I say friendly... well everyone threw down and just smashed out some tough WOD's.

As I couldn't compete, I decided to do the next best thing.... take photos :-)

The timing is a day late for our little photo comp, but no matter. I had hoped to try taking some photos of myself or a willing volunteer doing some of the Crossfit moves during July as my fast and furious idea. Unfortunately other events conspired against me.

I stuck with shutter priority (1/100th) and let the camera decide on f-stop & ISO (ISO set to auto). Having reviewed the photos, I don't think I was shooting fast enough (not many are sharp enough) and I suspect I needed to crank up the speed. Next time I think I would control the f-stop and set a minimum shutter speed (maybe 1/160th). That would probably force the ISO up higher, but I think that should be okay. I also need to try a few different AF settings to stay locked on with the speed of some of the moves. Still, a good chance to get out and take some photos of something quite different.

Indoor lighting also made things a little difficult.

But... the shutter speed was right to give me some nice blur in some of the moves whilst the athletes face is clear. The expressions just add to the fast & furious feel :-)

This sums up how most of the athletes were at the end of the last WOD (and how we normally are at the end of most training sessions)..... :-)

For those of you who saw my last post.... well this is what I was doing. I just didn't land on top of the box like you're supposed too... :-(

These last 2 photos are ones I really like. They sum up Crossfit for me. The context is the same for both. It's the last few moments of a tough WOD. Both athletes were struggling to finish and it's their first comp at the level they entered.

The first is moment where you know you're almost done and you just have push through that mental barrier to get that last rep....

She got that last rep too.

The second is where everyone around you rallies around to give you support and encouragement that lifts you just enough to get through to complete that last rep just before the buzzer...

That's Crossfit.

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