Sunday, 23 August 2015


I'd almost forgotten that this place existed... Motat. I'm sure it's been over 20 years since I was last there. Not sure it's changed much either :-)

Since it had been so long, we figured it would be a good place to head to for another photography challenge.

I met up with Mark G at the Aviation part of Motat (Rob wasn't allowed to look at planes...) and then caught up with Rob and his wife Yvonne at the main Motat site.

The main thing I wanted to see in the aviation part was the Lancaster...

But the Bomber Command memorial is also here along with a statue of Sir Keith Park.

A few other shots from the exhibit:

And a couple of models on display (Fleet Air Arm):

The bonus of going to Motat was that a return tram ride is included in your ticket price (the tram takes you from one site to the other).

Then it was into the main site. Lots of old stuff! :-) So lots of B&W or sepia made easy with Silver Efex Pro 2.

Ummm what?

The "kids" having fun

A good fun day. I'm glad I took my tripod, particularly around the Lancaster. I found I couldn't be too bothered using it much around the rest of Motat and it just became a hassle.

The one thing that I should have taken was my polariser! Didn't even think about it as it's normally packed with all my camera stuff anyway.... but I took my smaller bag. It would have been interesting to try using the polariser to overcome some of the glare in a few of the photos.

As for Motat, it was still pretty cool. Although some parts are looking a little tired and old. Pretty cheap day out with $16 for entry to both sites and the tram ride included. I don't feel the need to head back for some time though.

Interested in feedback as always.

Thanks for looking :-)