Sunday, 16 August 2015

How the West wasn't won

A change in pace and scenery with gaming this weekend.

We've been keen and have been talking about doing a small Legends of the Wild West campaign of and on for a while now.

This time it's for real. We've actually got our posse's organised and all ready to go. 'Til Rob came down with the dreaded lurgy (get well soon Rob! :-) )

So instead of starting the campaign today, we played a few games to remember how to play the game. Always a good place to start.... :-)

Phil had his Outlaw's. Mark and I are both fielding Lawmen.

My posse is:

Sheriff Bullock (repeating rifle + six-gun)
Deputy Blondie (repeating rifle)
Deputy Wild Will (repeating rifle)
Vigilante Tuco (six-gun)
Vigilante Cheyenne (six-gun)
Vigilante Sol (shotgun)
Citizen Ol Timer (six-gun)
Citizen Morton (six-gun)

Can anyway guess where the names are from...? :-)

Mark and Phil were already playing a game when I arrived (I have no idea of what their posse's consisted off).

A few shots of their game/posse's:

Their game took forever, but it was finally High Noon when Phil and I lined up for the next game...

Until we realised all the extra rules that the actual duel at High Noon had.... so it was back to setting up for a standard High Noon mission. My Lawmen trying to run Phil's Outlaws out of town.

Both of us positioned riflemen to cover the road. Phil's Outlaws trying smashing through the buildings to utilise the cover whilst my Lawmen skirted through alleyways to gain cover...

In the end the better aim of the Lawmen won the day as Outlaw casualties mounted. They quickly broke and headed for the hills, a few less in number now.

What I didn't know was that one of the Outlaws was the brother of another Lawmen. Mark's Lawmen now had a Vendetta to settle..... no amount of reasoning that the law had been broken was going to suffice. They were out for blood!

Sheriff Bullock quickly ordered his Lawmen to barricade the store and the men took position.

Soon, the shootin started. First blood to Bullock and his posse. Mark wasn't mucking around though and moved his Lawmen in closer for the kill....

One of my Deputies falls and my Lawmen posse start collapsing their defense back to the store. This was it. All or nothing. All guns blazing!

The amount of firepower being expended is amazing! But can I kill anything!? Nope. A few enemy Lawmen are knocked out, but they're still closing and starting to flank the store.

I'm forced out and have no choice but to bring the biff. Again, I'm winning the fights, but can I cause a wound!? Nope. Mark is though and my numbers are starting to thin.

And thin past breaking point now. Sheriff Bullock is tough though and he's gonna go down fighting rather than just give in to this unjust vendetta. Even surrounded, he refuses to break and still fights back...

Only to have Mark's cowardly Lawmen bring him down....

Who will protect the town now!? 

Fair play to Mark. He made his hits count where I couldn't. The game should have been won a few a turns earlier, but I just could not convert hits to wounds to get Mark past his posse's break point.

All good fun and good practice for the real campaign.

Sheiff Bullock and co will be back! :-)