Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ardmore Open Day

Last Sunday was the second open day of the year for the NZ Warbirds Association down at Ardmore.

Weather was pretty dubious all week culminating in a pretty impressive thunderstorm on Saturday night.

Still high winds cleared most of the rain away (except for one heavy shower that caught us) and the day stayed relatively clear. Although conditions were overcast (made for crap photos early on) and very windy (made for some very dicey / bumpy landings!).

I decided to just use my 70 - 200mm but run it all day using the 1.4x converter to see how it would go. Overall, I'm not that happy, but I was shooting at 1/200th and played around a little too much with the AF points / tracking settings. Should have just left them alone :-)

Still, here's my selection from the day.

It's never a good day if you're a pilot and you need to make an emergency landing... an even worse day is when you have to at an Ardmore Open Day where there are a load of cameras! Still, well done to the pilot. All went well and it ended up being a non-event thankfully.

Always a good day out. Even when tired and hungover :-)

Thanks for looking.

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