Sunday, 15 November 2015

Return to FoW

I realised the other day that it has been ages since my last gaming post.

Although there have been a couple of games, it's been pretty quiet on that front with all the photography events etc that I have been doing.

Still, our little Flames of War tournament is still on track for the 28th Nov.

In preparation, I rolled out another game with Rob today to give him a chance to continue to learn the rules. He's certainly getting the hang of Soviet tactics though!

Anyway... lists are same as here, although we adjusted Rob's list based on the revised Red Bear points which allowed him to take a full Tank Rider company with HMG. My list was unchanged.

When we arrived, Mark was half way though a game with Mark D. Hungarian's vs. German's....

Pretty decisive win for Mr D's Hungarians in the end.

Rob rolled for our mission and we ended up with Surrounded. Ah crap I thought. Russians on two sides... nowhere to hide.

Bring on some pain. Deployment started (you can see the Russian's preparing their pincer move on the edges of the second photo):

And the Russian blob's advance....

A little too close though allowing my Sherman's and Daimler's to zip round onto side armour whilst the Firefly held his ground.... results were not quite as I had hoped.

With no other option, but to engage, my second armoured platoon crested the hill to a hull down position and opened fire causing a couple of causalities....

It was then head down to try and whether the storm of return fire best I could....

At least my armoured cars were having fun circling the Soviet infantry and machine gunning the crap out of them (eventually destroying the unit)...

The gun tank rule sucks. Both Firefly's get destroyed very quickly, almost immediately actually. At least a couple of T-34/85's are burning.

Along with another Su-100...

The second T-34/85 platoon is now in a nice position to just roll up the artillery who had nowhere to hide and aren't really going to be able to stop them...

The guns start disappearing pretty quick.

First blood to me though as the Firefly finishes of the Su-100 platoon. Somehow the Sherman platoon on the hill have still survived, but a flurry of shots (3 6's) soon completes the destruction of the remaining Sherman giving Rob his first platoon.

He then advance's his T-34/85 platoon commander to contest the objective as the second T-34/85 platoon breaks the artillery who run for their lives! A very un-British thing to do I must say!

I decide to be a bit of a prick though and move my one remaining Firefly out into the open to get a side armour shot on the T-34/85 platoon commander... knowing full well that if I kill him then the platoon is neutered. But... I stuff my firepower roll and only bail him.

Luckily the Firefly only gets bailed in return, but can I motivate to get him back in? Nope.

That leaves it up to my sole remaining Sherman V. He moves up and fires one shot hitting. Rob fails his save and I pass my firepower check. The casualty is enough to force a morale check on the T-34/85 unit that has taken a number of hits.

Which Rob fails. This puts him on a company morale check. So, at the start of Rob's next turn he makes his roll.... a 3! The Soviets flee the battlefield (Red Army force... so only confident).

Somehow I've been victorious :-) 4 - 3 to me, but only just with some lucky rolls!

A very close game and could have gone the other way with a couple of slightly different rolls. Post match discussion focused on the thought that Rob should have kept the Su-100 further back where I would have had to work a lot hard to kill them.

In hindsight, I've also realised that he could have tried to dig his infantry in whilst they were pinned. That would have kept them around a lot longer as well.

All good fun. Until next time. Thanks for reading :-)

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