Monday, 9 November 2015

Armistice In Cambridge 2015

This weekend saw the annual Armistice in Cambridge event. It's an event timed close to Armistice day as a way to remember.

As per last year, we decided to just head down for the single day rather than both. The weather turned it on for the event too.... the sun definitely turned the temperature up making for a great day out (perhaps not so for those in heavy armour!).

The event was well spread out and there were lots more activities for the kids which was great, but.... crowds seemed pretty light (maybe the weather was too good?) and the event seemed somewhat dis-organised overall.

Would I go back next year? Probably. Cambridge isn't that far and, for a day event, it is still good fun to photograph.

Here's a selection of what I got....

RNZN giving Mark some well needed directions....
And then the navy being outclassed by models....

Boer War re-enactment:

Just what you need on such a hot day.... cup of water to the face :-)

The Storch made a brief appearance:

Before some Norse started giving each other some pretty good whacks!

Just missing some blood splatter!

Smashed em bro!

Then it was off to the Eastern Front:

Typical... Russians running away

And... now the Germans run away

 Roman artillery demonstration:

So close!

I'm not sure this is quite accurate...

And then we had the Gladiators.

This was proceeded with a very long (and although very good) history of Gladiators about where the movies & TV shows haven't quite got it right. It went for so long that I am pretty sure all the re-enactors and crowd were moments away from this...

As it was... he talked for so long I think they had to rush through the battles!

Just a few moments too late to get some good blood splatter
T-51's made a short appearance:

Before we went entered the desert for another WW2 re-enactment:

Static display:

Vietnam skirmish:

Re-enacting is thirsty work....

Then it was back to the Romans:

That brought the day to a close and it was off back home for a nice cold beer!

Thanks for reading.

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