Monday, 7 December 2015

Back to Muriwai

A cunning plan to head to the zoo just prior to the school holidays (i.e. crazy busy times) failed miserably this weekend as a sunny day meant everyone else in Auckland had the same idea. Well, maybe not everyone, but a heck of a lot of people anyway.

I'd driven around the block a couple of times trying to find parking along with a number of other cars... some of whom even slowly tailed families in the hope they may be returning to their car.

Not to mention driving past at least one car owner sheepishly leaving a note on someone else's car and then nearly being part of a multi-car pile-up when another spotted a park and went for it rather abruptly!

That was it for me... I was on the phone to Rob to request we enact a plan B. But we didn't have a plan B. so the easiest option was a trip out to Muriwai since he hadn't left home and I was half way there. A quick call to Mark G revealed he was having the same fun as me with trying to find parking, so it was off to Muriwai.

Unfortunately poor surf and crap winds meant the surfers and kite surfers were pretty quiet. So, we mostly spent some time up around the Gannet colony.

It gave me another good chance to use my 70 - 200mm along with a few alternative settings.

Mainly a change to the tracking settings based on reading this blog. Overall, I'm happy with the result. I still prefer the 9 box AF selection option, but the full 65pt was okay with this setting. Worth another go at a later date.

Anyway, here are the photos -

Seemed to be one or two Tern about...

Along with one show off in the wind that was there...

But this is more my style... just hangin out, enjoying the view...

Finally, welcome to a new follower - Gargamel from A Buncha Geeks. I'm expecting lots of awesome posts on board games, crazy movies and an eclectic mix of music reviews from this blog. The link recommended here is a good starting point! :-)

Thanks for reading.

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