Monday, 14 December 2015

Fit Girls

and guys!

The NZ Fitness League finals were held on Saturday. This is a team event where each week teams compete against other from across their region.

The crossfit box I train at won the East Auckland regional. This got them into the Open category finals. They would be competing against 8 teams from around the country, each of whom would be updating their scores as they went. Each team had to have 3 male and 3 female competitors. Different combinations of athletes could do each wod - sometimes the whole team, other times only a couple.

To make it a little more interesting, the Auckland teams went head to head at one of the local boxes.

I popped down to watch and grabbed a few shots of some very tough wods! Lots of pain faces :-)

Open Finals:

Then it was onto the Premier teams... i.e some of the top athletes in the country. Only one of the Auckland teams could make it to the head to head, so an invitational team was assembled, i.e. pretty much the best of the best including this guy who had literally just got off the plane from an event in Spain....

Kevin Manuel - NZ's top crossfit athlete. He placed 17th at the world crossfit games this year, making him the 17th fittest man in the world. Suffice to say, he made the workouts look easy!

The guys from my box, well they didn't place, but they certainly gave it everything! Just getting to the top 8 was pretty impressive.

Photo wise, the lighting was quite good, so I was able to up the shutter speed. Have decided not to do too much to these photos apart from the odd b&w. Only downside was the bars / judges tended to get in the way of the some good shots. All taken with my 18 - 55mm lens.

All good fun. I'm looking forward to completing rehab for my injury so I can get back into it!


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