Monday, 27 June 2016

Weekend in Wellington

A mate recently moved down to Wellington for work.

Being the good mates we are, a group of us decided we had better head down to catch-up with him for a few beers. It helps that Wellington has quite the selection of craft beers / breweries to choose from..... :-)

But, it is also has a couple of amazing and moving Great War exhibits due to the work of Weta Workshops and Sir Peter Jackson.

The first is the Great War exhibit at Te Papa. This one focuses solely on the Gallipoli campaign and New Zealand's involvement. Put together by Sir Richard Taylor and Weta Workshops, so as imagined, it is a visual feast and very stunning.

Each section focuses on one individual at certain point of the campaign. The models they have built are something like 3 times the size of a normal person. The facial expressions are perfect. The detail is amazing. The photos simply can't really capture the extent of the diorama's or how they make you feel upon seeing them.

The second exhibit is Sir Peter Jackson's Great War exhibit at the Dominion Museum. It's aim is to take you through New Zealand's involvement in the entire war, so it has more of a focus on the Western Front (I recommend the guided tour even if you know a bit or a lot about the war).

This is a little more like a traditional museum, but it has some great displays. A lot of the items are from Sir Peter's collection and are real....  The colourised photos in particular have a powerful impact.

But what is also at the Dominion museum is a rather large display of the Chunuk Bair assault. All the miniatures were painted by local gamers. It is amazing and again, I don't think the photos really do it justice.

Finally, it is also home to our National War Memorial.

Mother and children comforting each other in hope for the return of a loved one

Representation of the close ties between Australia and NZ since WW1

But... the post started about beer, so it would be remiss of me to not at least mention a few places we went too.... :-)

(Last two photos borrowed from Ade :-) )

Little Beer Quarter
Garage Project Tap Room
Rogue & Vagabond
Goldings Free Dive
Hashigo Zake

I can absolutely recommend any (preferably all) for a beer or three :-) It makes for quite the little pub crawl!

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