Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Summer’s Dust and then some…

It’s Sunday again which means gaming day :) And a pretty good day it was too with the sun out.

The guys had rocked out a game of Infinity before I arrived and since there was a couple of us there, we were able to get a couple of games going. Garth & Phil played a game of Infinity while Rob and I had another crack at Dust Warfare.

Based on a suggestion from OldHat on the Battlefront forums, we tried 1’s & 6’s as successes rather than 5+. Statistically no different, but more aligned with the Dust Tactics dice. It’s always nice having a roll of 1 being a success :)

I decided to go a little different and fielded this list (seems I could export the list to a txt format after updating my notebook to Win8.1….):

Sturmgrenadiere Platoon
Battle Grenadiers
Heavy Recon Grenadiers
Beobachter Team
(All with grenades)
Laser Grenadiers
(Both with High Visibility Lasers)
Improved Command

Have no idea what Rob took, other than he had his big AA tank :)

We played a scenario again. End result was:
Objective = Break The Line
Deployment = Close Engagement
Conditions = Off Target Shelling

We didn’t have a lot of terrain for this game since the tablecloth was desert coloured… we set-up a ruined SSU lab in the middle of the desert. Here’s the set-up:

Dust Warfare Deployment Dust Warfare Deployment

Rob advances his walker straight down the middle towards my laser grenadiers. I look forward to going toe to toe with against his walker with them… until I re-read their stats that is…. Only the medium laser could hurt the walker sine it was type 4! Time to hide I think….

Peek-a-boo Dust Warfare

In my turn, the Laser-Jagdgrenadiere fire off their supercharged shot only to have it fizzle out. I could be in trouble here with little other heavy duty AT around to deal with the Walker…. let alone the SSU tank! Especially since the Laser-Jagdgrenadiere couldn’t hit anything all game.
 Dust Warfare

Rounding the corner of the building, the SSU walker found a more interesting target and makes short work of poor little Heinrich instead of the laser grenadiers. The following couple of turns sees the SSU walker frying most of the laser grenadiers….

 Dust Warfare Uh-oh

As for the SSU tank… I basically decided to ignore it… even though it has a target rich environment. Each turn it tries to deal with my infantry units and certainly puts some hurt on them with most units taking casualties. I don’t have many pic’s showing it, but Lothar and the heavy recon grenadiers return the pain each turn decimating the SSU infantry units…

As the game draws to a close… the remaining laser grenadier has the last laugh and destroys the SSU walker….


The final result is 2 points to me with 2 units in Rob’s deployment zone. The game was brutally short, but neither of us had really put much thought into army lists or spending off scenario points. I had been a bit worried about a lack of AT to deal with the SSU armour, but focused on dealing with the SSU infantry and the objectives instead. Seemed to work. Some decent shooting from that SSU tank could have made that hard though…

After a short break… we decided to rock out a game of X-Wing since we hadn’t played it for a while and there were some new toys…. I was keen to try out my Tie Bomber and Lamda Shuttle :)

The downside was soooo much choice! On everything…. ships, pilots and upgrades!! I took the Lamda Shuttle (Captain Yorr), Tie Bomber (Captain Jonus) and 2 Tie Interceptors (Pilot level 1 & 3). I gave the Tie Bomber a proton bomb, but didn’t have the points to really make use of all it’s hard points. The Lamda shuttle had a Rebel Captive, Anti-Pursuit Lasers and Sensor Jammers (hadn’t put much thought into the selection, but shuttle load-out was pretty good in review at the end of the game). Rob took 2 X-Wings and tried out his YT-1300.

Our deployment over a fantastic looking Ice Planet gaming mat….

 X-Wing Deployment Imperial Forces on patrol above an Ice WorldRebel forces Imperial forces

The Imperial force heads straight for the YT-1300…. hoping they won’t notice (maybe someone has the right codes?)

Shuttle vs. YT-1300

Not much happens in the first few turns with most of the Imperial ships taking some damage along with the YT-1300. I think I dropped the Proton bomb too early…. didn’t do much, but at least it negated an X-Wings shields to put damage directly on the hull.

X-Wing X-Wing Lamda Shuttle

As the game continued… the Interceptors were soon dealt with and I thought the writing was on the wall until this:


The X-Wing just skirts the edge of the universe….but the YT-1300 flies too close to the edge removing it from the game! :) Then…..

X-Wing flies past Lamda Shuttle X-Wing X-Wing

… X-Wing flies too close to the Shuttle crashing into it a few times. The anti-pursuit lasers make short work of the X-Wing over the few turns it collides (it already had some damage from previous shooting). But, alas, the shuttle is soon destroyed though leaving the Tie Bomber facing off against the remaining X-Wing…… but the Tie Bomber gets onto his tail…..


…..and still can’t finish of the X-Wing….. After a few turns of chicken… the Tie Bomber’s hull points prove the deciding factor as it finally knocks off the X-Wing (with 1 hull point left on the Bomber). A pretty close game!

 IMG_4299 X-Wing X-Wing

That ended gaming for the day. Photos have turned out well. I had found the menu selection to turn down the flash power, so used quite a low power of flash for all these pic’s. As for the force build, I’d stick with the Shuttle load-out – all 3 worked well and were quite annoying for Rob, especially the rebel captive (attacking rebel ship takes a stress token) and sensor jammers (shuttle can effectively negate a hit – handy with basically no agility).

SInce it was such a nice day. I decided to detour past Ardmore Airport on the way home. The Harvards and the MX-2 stunt plane had been out earlier in the day (our gaming venue is close to the airport), so I was curious to see if anything else interesting was flying. I also wanted to try tracking some moving subjects again as I think I take my finger of the button when I stop taking photos. After some advice from Rob previously… it may be better to keep the button half pressed. So, this is what I tried out :). Wasn’t really much of interest flying (I was too slow to get the camera out as the Tiger Moth took off and flew directly overhead!), but I grabbed a few shots anyway…

DC-3 Cessna Tiger Moth  Tiger Moth Landing Tiger Moth Landing Tiger Moth Landing

Not sure on the tracking…. time will tell. Will let you know how I get on after the next air show that I attend :) . Ciao.