Wednesday, 2 October 2013


So I nearly forgot (very conveniently…) to register for FlamesCon (, but I made it just in time. Luckily there were still spaces in the tournament section that I was most keen to play in. So… it’ll be 2 days of Late War FoW, a total of 6 games over the upcoming Labour weekend.

My placings in tournaments are generally pretty average. I’m normally in the middle of the pack. It’ll be interesting to see how I go this time, having not played much FoW lately and definitely not much V3. Maybe I should get a game or two in!?!

I’m not taking a highly competitive force as I’ve never got the hang of running a full infantry list, but it is one of my favourite forces – British Paratroopers. List build is from the FoW book “Market Garden” as the Arnhem battle that the 1st Airborne Division fought in, is one of the battles I have always been most interested in.

It’s been too long since I last really used my Paras so it’ll be good to use them again. Can’t go too far wrong with gammon bomb wielding fearless veteran infantry with British bulldog!! :)

They’re also the first the FoW army (well first army actually) that I ever painted. Why I choose a camo army as my first attempt…. I’ll never know, but they turned out all right. Here are a couple of old pics:

British Para Command British Para Infantry British Para 2iC

The army list I’m running with will be:

Parachute Company HQ - CinC SMG, 2iC SMG (60 pts)
- AT - PIAT (20 pts)
Parachute Platoon - Command Rifle/MG, PIAT, 6x Rifle/MG (230 pts)
Parachute Platoon - Command Rifle/MG, PIAT, 6x Rifle/MG (230 pts)
Parachute Platoon - Command Rifle/MG, PIAT, 6x Rifle/MG (230 pts)
Parachute Mortar Platoon - Command Rifle, Observer Rifle, 4x ML 3” mortar (130 pts)
Parachute Machine-gun Platoon - Command Rifle, 2x Vickers HMG (80 pts)
Airlanding Anti-tank Platoon - Command Rifle, 4x OQF 6 pdr gun (late) (160 pts)
Airlanding Anti-tank Platoon, Royal Artillery - Command Rifle, 2x OQF 17 pdr gun (late) (165 pts)
Airlanding Light Battery, Royal Artillery - Command Rifle, Staff, Command Rifle, Observer Rifle, 4x M1A1 75mm pack howitzer (150 pts)
- Medium Artillery - Medium Artillery Support (30 pts)

1485 Points, 8 Platoons
(tournament limit is 1500pts – low for late war and will create some challenges for a lot of forces)

The build gives me 8 platoons which is a good number for 1500pts, but I have had to take a couple of small platoons to get there (HMGs & 17pdrs). I’ll have to be careful with them since they could be easy VP’s. I know the 17pdrs will attract a lot of fire!

The list does give me a solid core of infantry and a lot of good support. Will be rock solid on defense, but not sure how it’ll go if I have to attack. I must remember about night attacking!

Anyway, will post up an AAR after the tournament. Main thing will be to remember to take pics throughout as I tend to forget the more involved I get in the games.