Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bad things happen….

Back to normal gaming today. When I arrived, the guys were already playing a 3-way game of Malifaux. I’m not to clear on what was happening, but I think Rob was winning. They’d used the “starter” box forces for the games.

Mark was using his Ten Thunders, Rob using McMourning and Phil was running the Ortega’s.

I snapped off a few photos, but I’m not that happy with them. Didn’t pay enough attention to focal length, so some of the photos are bit out of focus in key places. The garage was a bit gloomy, but at least this time I remembered to increase the flash power! So, I think the colours look good. Here’s the pics of their game:
Malifaux  Malifaux Malifaux Malifaux 

Rob’s buildings look really good, especially the interiors! :)

The game was taking a while with the size of the forces and Rob seemed to be miles away from the action. He’d basically spend each turn just running up whilst Phil and Mark’s gangs were going toe to toe. Eventually they called it with both Mark’s and Phil’s gangs hurting and Rob’s was basically untouched.

Phil and Mark had a break from games after this so Rob and I rocked out a 28ss game. I used Rob’s Neverborn crew lead by Lilith. The force consisted off:

Lilith (with “Pact”, “Fears Given Form”, “Beckon Malifaux” upgrades)
Mature Nephilim (with “Obsidian Talons” upgrade)
3 Terror Tot
Lilith's crew

Rob fielded McMourning, Sebastian, some Nurses and some sort of construct.

We flipped cards to work out a scenario and schemes, but too be honest, with it only being my second or third game…. I had no idea on what was going on in relation to the schemes etc. I just focused on killing all of Rob’s dudes :)

To this end,,, I split my forces with the Nephilim up on a roof ready to fly down supported by Lilith and a Tot. The other Tot’s were at the other end of my deployment. Rob deployed his crew on the road near the main objective (green marker on the road).
Neverborn deployment McMourning and crew

A Nurse moves up to the objective supported by Sebastian only to have Nephilim come flying down….
 Nephilim jump   The rest move up 

Sebastian does all sorts of crazy stuff to poison and hurt the Nephilim. One of the Tot’s gets dealt with as well. But…. black blood starts whittling down hit points on the Resurrectionist crew… the Nephilim just swots Sebastian (I think I had a scheme to take him prisoner, but oh well….). Rob’s crew were flinging poison everywhere and in the confusion I suspect we may have got the amount of damage the Nephilim had taken wrong (negates armour? doesn’t negate armour?)…. on reflection, the Nephilim may have actually died one turn earlier (morale victory to Rob? :) ).
 Everyone heads to the middle

Anyway…. Lilith just goes on a rampage over the next few turns and basically butchers everyone. Including McMourning. Game over. Victory to the Neverborn. I’m liking this game….. :)
Lilith clears out the construct McMourning vs Lilith Lilith wins

The poison rules for McMourning are certainly going to be tough to deal with. The effects were just nasty.

There was a bit of time left, so I played Phil next up. He was using Rob’s Guild force consisting of Perdita, Francisco, Papa Loco and Santiago. I don’t think there was anyone else. Due to time, we just went for a straight up kill everyone.

I didn’t take a pic of the set-up, but here’s a few early shots:
Tots round the building Corner clash Lilith looks down the road

Perdita rather surprisingly rocked right up to try dealing with one of the Tot’s that was hiding…. only to have the Nephilim pop out to say hello and put some hurt on. Shooting from the other Ortega family members quickly dealt with the Nephilim. I was fine with that. Perdita was left sitting all alone right next to Lilith…. and in charge range….. a couple of swipes later and bye bye Perdita.
Perdita No more Perdita

The remaining Ortega clan easily deal with the Tot’s (I had no problem sacrificing them) and Phil asks at this point if we should call it. I’m like, ummmm, I think Lilith can easily deal with things on her own…. and she quite easily does. The following turns see each Ortega member move up into charge ranges. So each turn Lilith charges and slaughters each member of Phil’s crew in turn. Beckon Malifaux is just so awesome in conjunction with Master of Malifaux, Sudden Darkness and a very large sword…..
 Ortega's flanking  Ortega's moving up Whittling them down

Papa Loco was the last to be charged and ended the game with a bang as all his dynamite exploded, but Lilith didn’t care (she had 2 soulstones and 7hp left).

Lilith stands victorious

Bad things definitely happen when Lilith is around! :)

That combo on Lilith will be tough for a lot of forces without anti-magic to deal with (trying to think about how my own crews will handle her – Seamus & the Victoria’s). Although, I think if Phil had continued to try and flank me (but stay out of my charge range!) then I think he would have eventually gunned me down.

I wonder what crew Rob will be running with next time…..

I pretty much bailed at the end of the game as I wanted to pop down to Ardmore to have a play around with the camera. With the overcast conditions, I wanted to try my polarising lenses filter to see what effect it had (particularly with the long range forecast for next weekends Ardmore open day not looking good). I kinda know what its supposed to do, but haven’t figured out the best way to use it. Unfortunately, not much of interest (or anything really) was flying when I got there, so I didn’t stay long. Got these though…

Tiger Moth Tiger Moth

As for the polariser, well here’s difference:
Polariser on Polariser off

Certainly gives a better effect on the clouds making them dirtier/darker. I’m still not really sure about the filter or when to use it. Will have to keep playing. It certainly makes the black & white much more interesting:
Tiger Moth