Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Black & Whites

So as promised, I got some new software for Photoshop which makes creating some black & whites as easy as 1 2 3 :)

With a little bit of Photoshop magic (mostly deleting out the rich peoples houses in the background….) and Silver Efex Pro 2 means I can create some much more poignant and striking images, particularly of the re-enactments.

Although the re-enactment is a bit of fun, the serious side is that it is all about giving people at least an idea (and to remember) of what some of the generations before us had to endure.

I’ve played around with the various preset filters and  settings when working through the photos, so they’re all a little bit different, but create some interesting effects.

 P-40 Kittyhawk P-51 Mustang Tiger MothBoeing Stearman
German Command  Fallschirmjager  The Russians are coming!  Russian assualt German troops Russian prisoner  German MG42 emplacement German MG42 emplacement German kit  German MG42 emplacement MG34 firing British troops German sniper team American para's advancing Allied troops take cover Damian doing his thing  German MG42   Russian flagsLRDG beers
Japanese soldier NZ troops advancing in background  Japanese soldier
Preparing to charge Banzai Banzai! Japanese soldier Katana US Marines  US Marine casualty  
ANZACs land Allied troops advance The cost of it all German trench

British troops NZ Mounted Rifles NZ Mounted Rifles