Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hang ‘Em High!

Sunday again today. That means it’s gaming day! :)
After a long week (even though it was a short week) and still only really feeling somewhat more alive after being ill earlier in the week, it was nice to just have a pretty relaxing day.
So it was back to normal with a good solid Sunday morning in the free weights room at the gym followed by packing the car up to head out for some quiet & relaxing games.
When I arrived, Mark and Rob were still playing a game of Malifaux. It’s game I’ve been curious about, but have never played. So… it was interesting to watch, although I had no idea what was going on. I think Rob shot Mark’s force to pieces though :) Here’s some pics:
Malifaux Malifaux Malifaux
I’d brought my Legends of the Old West models along as I’ve been keen to photograph them amongst Mark’s western buildings. So after the game of Malifaux, Rob and I had a game of Old West. To make the game more interesting, we decided to play a scenario and picked “Hang Em High”. As my gang are Lawmen, I had to be the defender and ensure that the dirty ol’ Mexican we pinched from Mark’s posse was gonna swing for his crimes!
My Lawman gang consists off:
Sheriff w\ Six-gun & Repeating Rifle
2 Deputies w\ Repeating Rifles
2 Vigilantes w\ Six-guns
Vigilante w\ Shotgun
2 Citizens w\ Six-guns

The intent of the force is to maximise the Lawmen’s shooting ability and try to avoid close combat. So far, I think the repeating rifle is better that a normal rifle due to being able to shoot every turn even if the range is shorter. In a campaign I’d be looking for scopes early on!
So the game was set-up, Seems some local Apache were on hand with some of the Mexican posse to see the bad man hang (we had to find 12 models to act as local townsfolk!). The Lawmen set-up around the buildings behind the gallows.
Time for a hangin The onlookers Cowgirls arrival
But… soon a rival posse arrived at the train station, hell bent on stopping the hanging! Cowgirls to save the day…


The Lawmen move up to take a defensive position while local townsfolk move up to the gallows to get a much better view. The Cowgirls make a beeline straight down the road using the buildings for cover. All whilst some Soiled Dove wanders right down the middle of the road!?!
Lawmen move up.... ...and take position Soiled dove
Soiled dove Getting a closer look
As the Cowgirls move closer, they start to exchange fire with the Lawmen, but shooting is pretty useless from both sides (if they actually even managed to hit!). Even at point blank range! But…. shooting from the roof of a building sees off the shotgun Vigilante while one of the Cowgirls also bites the dust.

Up high

The Soiled Dove wanders right up to the gallows. Then Rob found out her Saturday night special wasn’t going to be able to cut the rope….. so she shot one of my Citizens instead.
Soiled dove & citizens Soiled dove
Just as another Vigilante gets somewhat “distracted” by another Cowgirl in an outfit all too revealing for the Old West… the hesitation sees him fall to a fusillade of bullets (the Cowgirl fanned her six-gun).
Well hello.... ...oh
But time is running out. Execution time draws near (turn 8 of 10)…. so the Cowgirls have little choice. One of the girls with a rifle carefully lines up the rope around the Mexican’s neck….

Blondie's sister just isn't quite as good

….. and fires! Hitting the Mexican squarely in the head cheating the hangman. But also failing to save the Mexican! (A 6 was required to cut the rope… a roll of 1 would hit the person being hung. Guess what Rob rolled…. :) ). So, in a way, the Lawmen win.

After that we decided to leave the table set-up and give Malifaux another go. This time with all 3 of us playing so I could see what it was like. Don’t ask me what the forces were. I have no idea. Maybe Rob or Mark will comment (hint… hint…). All I know is that I had the same force that Rob had fielded earlier in the day.
Rob had some tiny little things in his force. They didn’t look so tough, so I headed towards his force to try taking them on first. I left my dynamite wielding loco behind to hold off Marks force.
Malifaux Malifaux Malifaux
Mark moved his basic troops up close together. Perfect for a stick of dynamite :)


It didn’t kill them, but oh well. A tiny tot thing moved up to engage one of my other dudes, whilst Mark’s master dealt with my dynamite dude.
Malifaux Boom?

My master popped out to have a crack at Rob’s master whilst Mark’s master tried sneaking up behind my master (follow all that? :) ) Here’s a picture:


I certainly put some hurt on Rob’s master, but Mark’s moved up and nearly dealt to mine. Next turn I returned the favour…


With all 3 of our masters hurting… it was going to be close. Some crazy spell shenanigans allowed Rob to deal with one of my other dudes. This gave a tiny tot a clear run to Mark’s master….


But then… my master shoots Mark’s master in the face killing her. Rob’s master then kills my master. One of my remaining dudes kills Rob’s master :) I have no idea who won after all that. Or what was happening for most of the game too be honest. Still…. it was interesting and the use of cards rather than dice creates an interesting dynamic. Good fun.
Since it was late by the end of that…. it was time to go. Ardmore Airport just happens to be on the way home….. I popped in there to see what was flying and get some practice for next weekend :). Had we been able to finish our game 30mins or so earlier then I would have seen this take off:
Spitfire Spitfire
Just too far away for photographs by the time I got the camera out. I did get a slightly better photo once it had landed:


But I did get a couple of cool photos of some other aircraft taking off (directly overhead in one case):
 BIrd-Dog BIrd-Dog Coast Guard Spotter Coast Guard Spotter 

Until next time. Ciao for now.