Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dr Who


So I finally watched the 50th anniversary of Dr Who. And it was just fantastic. Good stuff BBC and Steven Moffat!

And a big thanks to UKTV here on sky. Since January, they’ve dedicated each month to a Dr starting with William Hartnell and leading up to the anniversary episode last weekend. I’ve never seen some of the older Doctor’s so it was great to see them. Later episodes on Doctors I do remember bought back memories of hiding behind the couch terrified (just like every other kid!).

But back to the 50th anniversary episode….. the story was great, but the banter between the 3 Doctors was just fantastic. The nods to the older Doctors and companions was also well done…. the curator, the Bad Wolf (and David Tennat’s look when he realised who the Bad Wolf was) and very colourful scarves. Who doesn’t like a fez?


With Gallifrey being “saved”, I do feel the Doctor will have lost his darker side which has been a key part of the character.

It’ll be interesting to see where Moffat and the other writers take Dr Who without the Doctors emotions on destroying Gallifrey.

Bring on Peter Capaldi and the Christmas special! I for one am looking forward to it.