Saturday, 15 February 2014

Battlecry: Day 1

Today was the start of my first tournament for the year. I decided to register and play in the Field of Glory tournament since I just recently finished my Late Republican Roman army.

There are 8 players in the tournament with a variety of armies. Rob has kindly put all the army lists up on his blog here, which is great as it saves me the hassle of doing it :)

3 games were played today and I was able to play 3 people I haven't played before (which is always good!). There will be 3 more games tomorrow.

So how did I go?

Game 1: vs. Kevin's Scots

Kevin won the option to choose initiative, but decided to give it to me. He deployed a nice long line of Scots... I deployed my very short line of Romans. Basically..... my Romans clashed with his heavy troops and just couldn't break them. Romans beaten up by crazy Scots! My Light Horse got chased of the table by some Galwegians, but my Cavalry actually did a reasonable job getting around the flank almost reaching the Scottish camp. Battlegroup of the match: My Illyrian Foot! They dealt to a bigger unit of MF offensive spear in the first couple of turns. Later in the game they accounted for another. These were the only points I got in the game.

Here's a few pics.... it's a little late, so I haven't captioned them sorry.

End result - A loss.

Game 2 vs. Chris and his Carthage force.

Chris sometimes pops around to play at Mark's place on Sundays, but we haven't actually played each other until today. It was nice to play against a relatively historical opponent.

Chris won initiative and we started deployment. I had a rather large open field on one side of my deployment zone. We're both relatively inexperienced in the game, so I think we may have made a few mistakes. I think it worked out okay in the end.

So.... Chris held his line in place as the might of Rome advanced. I got my Light Horse onto his flank which was always going to create trouble. On the far flank a unit of my Velites faced of against some Light Horse.... after disrupting them later in the game, the Velites charged breaking the Light Horse! In the centre, the Legionaries were slowly breaking down the main Carthage units. Both sides Cavalry units toyed with each other until my Cav reached a position to charge. 2 extra bases always meant the odds were going to be in my favour.

Chris has a very nice army though. The pictures don't do it justice (his shields are hand painted).

End result... A win :)

Onto game 3: vs. Arthur and his Lydian Greeks.

A heap of armoured offensive spear, big units of skirmishers and lots of mounted troops.... always going to be trouble!

My Romans decided to just go for it and advanced forward to engage the Greek Hoplites. The Greek Light Horse chased after my Light Horse, whilst the Greek Cavalry made a beeline to my Cav.

End result... the Greek Cav dealt to mine. The Hoplites and Legionaries battled it out with 2 Hoplite units and 1 Legion eventually breaking.

It came to this though... my Light Horse had no where left to go. So the only thing to do was charge! Well, at least position themselves to be charged. One unit of Greek Light Horse obliged. It took a second unit of Greek Horse charging them in the flank to finish them off.

There ended the game (not helped by my broken unit of Legionaries bursting through a fragmented unit of Velites causing them to break.... ).

End result - a loss.

So 1 out of 3. Not too bad I guess :) 3 more games tomorrow. But... I'm likely to be facing one or both of the Light Chariot armies which have been kicking arse all day! Will Rome fair any better!?

In between games, I wandered around getting a few pics of the other gaming systems being played. These included Flames of War, FoG: Napoleonic's, 6mm Moderns, an amazing game of 28mm Napoleonic's, Kings of War, X-Wing and Epic 40K along with 1 or 2 others. I didn't get the best pics of some of the games, so will try for some better ones tomorrow:

Finally.... an awesome looking Lego display:


Lets see what tomorrow brings. Time for another whiskey.