Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Gaming

So it's Sunday again, which means gaming day :)

After the tournament last weekend, I was keen for just some quiet games. X-Wing was suggested and it was the perfect suggestion! Its been awhile since we've rolled out a few games of this one. After today's results... I definitely need some more practice and to actually think about my list building!

I also managed to balls up most of my photos for some reason today. Guess it was just a bad day all round. So, not many photos of the games sorry.

(NB: Sorry, I can't remember the upgrades the others took in their forces. Can list out mine if interested).

Unfortunately most of the guys couldn't make it, but Garth and Mark were there when I arrived.

They'd already started a game. Mark was introducing Garth to the game, so this being Garth's first game..... Mark took the Millennium Falcon in his list!! The Falcon started making short work of the Imperial forces (2 Tie Fighters & 2 Tie Interceptors). I can't remember if the supporting B-Wings did much (nor can I remember what upgrades Mark had given the Falcon). It got pretty close in the end and the Falcon was destroyed, but I think the B-Wings finally finished off the Imperial forces....

I was up next and, as Garth popped out for lunch, I would be facing Mark's Rebel scum. He ran the same list as above. I wanted to try out the Lamda shuttle with some higher level Tie Interceptors in support (plus an Academy Pilot in a Tie Fighter). Bad idea when facing the Falcon.... just not enough firepower. I needed a couple more cheap ships. Suffice to say I lost, although not without getting very close to forcing the Falcon off the edge of space though :)

On Garth's return, he tried out a different Rebel list (2 X-Wing, 1 B-Wing and 1 A-Wing). My list remained the same as this would be a better test for the Shuttle. Giving the Shuttle a Rebel captive proved very annoying and ensured the game came down to the wire.... 1 X-Wing. 1 Tie Interceptor. That's all that remained. The Interceptor was quicker on the trigger and destroyed the remaining X-Wing giving the Imperium a victory.

For the final game, we switched sides. Garth was wanting to try a Tie swarm (ended up with 4 Fighters, 1 Tie Advanced, 1 Tie Interceptor)... but not the traditional swarm. Not that it mattered against 3 Rebel ships... I had wanted to try the HWK-290 and supported it with an X-Wing and a B-Wing. All them were higher level pilots with lots of upgrades. Another poor idea....

The autoblaster on the B-Wing vapourised a Tie Fighter in the first turn of shooting. After that, the swarm just got in amongst me and, with no room to move, we kept bumping into each other severely limiting my options. With that, the numbers made all the difference (helped by some fantastic rolling by Garth).... the Imperial forces quickly swept away the outnumbered and outgunned Rebel forces.

So 2 losses and 1 win for the day. I do like the Shuttle, it's a very useful denial tool (especially with the Rebel captive putting stress on the first ship to attack the shuttle each turn).

I'm liking the Tie Interceptors. They seem to be working very well, so am looking forward to the arrival of Imperial Aces boxed set (soon, very soon!).

The B-Wing plus autoblaster (along with Ten Numb) = your opponents defense dice being useless, which equals awesomeness! :)

As for the HWK-290.... really not sure. I chose the wrong upgrades and had far too many useless upgrades in the rest of the Rebel list. The stat line for the HWK is also pretty poor...

I think less is more in the Rebel lists. They don't need lots of upgrades. Next time, I'll try less upgrades and only 1 or 2 named pilots. I'll have another look at the HWK to see if I'll include in future games.

Still, all good fun. It'll be interesting later in the year when the larger ships are released. I have the Rebel Transport on order, so there will have to be some big games.

Now its time to start thinking about packing. Off to Melbourne on Thursday for 4 nights. Can't wait!