Saturday, 8 February 2014

For the Glory of Rome!

I've finally finished my first painting goal. Okay, so it was the easiest one to complete, but its still done :)

So, here I present.... my Late Republican Roman Field of Glory (FoG) army (circa ~80BC).

The miniatures are from Old Glory 15's. Pretty good models for the price, but they do need a fair bit of tidy up work before the paint goes on.

I decided to follow the Hollywood version of Rome and paint the Legionaires in red tunics. It just looks better, but it could actually be historical. I'm not sure anyone really knows. Onto to some pictures of the army.....

Well it wouldn't be a Roman army without any Legions:


Both of these Cavalry units have the same stats in the game, but I wanted to do something a bit different. 

One unit is standard Roman Cavalry. The other are painted up as Germanic Mercenary Cavalry in Rome's service (i.e. Ceasar's bodyguard during the Gallic campaign). Well.... at least this is how I reckon they might have looked (the more observant out there may notice that the models used for the Germanic Cav are technically Gallic, but I'm sure no one will mind).

Support Troops:

First up are the Gladiators. This is just a small fun unit to add a bit of character (along with something different) to the force. In larger games I tend to use them as rear support for the bonus this provides.

The second lot are Illyrian troops brought into Roman forces as an early type of Auxilia.

The Light Troops:
Velites. Very good for charging in and dealing with opposing skirmishers.

Slingers (rarely used):

Light Horse. Good for sneaky flank runs to go after camps or for getting flank/rear charges. Again, one lot is painted as standard Roman light horse. The other are Numidian light horse. I tend to just use the Numidian's as standard light horse.

A Roman army also needs some strong commanders. I have 4 command bases, generally only fielded as Troop Commanders, but I do have one painted up as a good option for an Inspired Commander...

Finally, every Field of Glory army needs a camp. Roman forces have no choice, but to field a fortified camp. Most camps tend to just be a tent or small building. They look good and are easy to do, but I preferred to try and do something a little different. I wanted to give the feel of a fortified camp by using a little scene. This is what I came up with:

The full force (just over 800pts worth):

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results. I used Little Big Men shield transfers/stickers on the Legionnaires and Numidian horse. They look awesome, but oh man are they fiddly!! It was a very frustrating couple of days applying them, but worth it in the end. Just a note.... if you do use them.... read the instructions first..... I had to repaint my shields white..... :)

This means I'm all ready for next weekend now. I'll be playing in my first FoG tournament. A total of 6 games with 600pt forces.

I'm looking forward to it, as the guys running this tournament have done something a little different to what I have experienced in other tournaments.... there are 8 of us playing and they've already sent us each off the army lists!

Lots of Offensive Spear which isn't good, but some interesting forces none the less. Will post up some results next weekend :)

Right... it must be time for a beer now.