Friday, 14 February 2014

Auckland Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is on this weekend as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations here in Auckland.

Rob, his wife (Yvonne) and I decided to pop along last night to the lantern only festival. This meant there would be only the lanterns... no stalls.... no shows..... hopefully hardly any people! Some dark rain clouds and a heavy shower just after we arrived meant a lot of people stayed away which was great for some photography :)

It was pretty cool night out with some great lanterns. There was heaps to see, so a couple of hours disappeared pretty quick and, even then, we still didn't see everything! From a photography perspective, I won't go into much detail, other than it was interesting to try some night time photography. This allowed me to try a few different settings, mainly high ISO to get a few handheld shots, spot metering for exposure and some veeeeerry long exposures to get some ghosting effects.

After a little bit of brightness/contrast adjustment in Photoshop... here's the final results. I'm curious to see what people think: