Saturday, 12 April 2014

4Ground Property Investments

After being tenderised by my massage therapist this afternoon, I thought the best thing to do would be to have a quiet afternoon doing a short review of some 4Ground Buildings (

After seeing some pictures, I just knew I had to get some of their Victorian range to go with my existing Sarissa Precision buildings. I've now got a pretty awesome set of buildings for Empire of the Dead (must try out a game soon!).

I decided to go for the 4Ground police station and a set of terraced buildings (including one from their WW2 range to mix things up). I also got a few of their furniture items to check them out, but forgot to photograph them! Whoops... will make sure I include some photos of the furniture when we use the buildings in a game.

It took me about 3 weeks to assemble the 5 buildings!! They're very involved, but definitely worth the effort. Luckily the instructions are easy to follow. I was very impressed to find the police station kit also included a big bag of rubber bands and wooden pegs. A very nice (and useful) touch.

Only downside is that some of the internal walls have a very tight fit. It was difficult to get a couple of them to line-up. A couple of the doors also have gap. The finish of the buildings also looks awesome, but one layer of each bricked terrace looks a little different (I assume painted separately). Not that I mind, just helps mix them up and give them a bit of character. There are also some nice touches inside the buildings too....

Here's a few photos next to some EotD & Malifaux models:

The police station:

The terraced houses:

I'm pretty happy with my purchase. Well priced, free shipping (which didn't take long) and no painting required! They've got some awesome looking new sets coming out as well, so a company to watch. I can see that I may be spending more money there in the future!