Friday, 25 April 2014

Off for a run

There is a track along the coast line near where I live. I had the day off yesterday, so I thought I'd go for a run along it in preparation for tomorrow (a few mates had said it was a good place for a run).

Sure bets going for a run along the road.

Lots of nice scenery and heaps of wildlife out and about (especially Tui's!). Since it was early morning (about 8am), the birds were really active and close to the track.

So.... I decided that I'd run along there again today, but would take the camera along!

The run itself goes from the top of Somerville road down towards Shelly Beach.

It was sunnier today, so the birds were up higher in the trees. That meant they were not as easy to see this morning unfortunately. Anyway here are a few shots... (I also had another go at doing a few panoramas)

The start:

On the run:

The Tui (when I did find one) were hard to photograph with the light. Especially when I was a little deeper in the track. Good practice for when I do eventually get out to Tiritiri though.

My final destination: