Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tough Mudder!

Well... this is getting close now. Very close and I'm getting nervous! That is until I realised that it is on the day after ANZAC day. What I go through on Saturday will be nothing compared to what our boys went through at Gallipoli in 1915.

What am I talking about? Tough Mudder is on this weekend.....

Honestly.... I'm actually getting pretty amped. It will tough. It will be long. It will be wet and muddy.

It will be awesome!

There is a team of 11 us from the gym I go to heading out to do it. A good bunch of people. 

I'm quietly comfortable with where my fitness is at. Running long distance is hard, but I'm picking there will be some good breaks at each obstacle. Here's hoping!

Strength wise.... I got out a set of bench press at 90kg and a rep at 100kg on Monday. Cranked out some good sets of pull-ups on Tuesday with a 5kg weight attached (perhaps my strength goals were a little soft this year.... :) )

For interest, here is out course map and list of obstacles. Look them up and have a good laugh.... along the lines of "he's doing what!? that's crazy man!" :)

Oh and Rob has decided he wants to photograph the event. So, keep an eye out for some photos on his blog.