Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Gaming

Another weekend has arrived and this time it's a nice long weekend. Thanks Easter :) The longer break has been needed.

I was a little late to gaming yesterday. It was a slow morning after a late night out on Saturday night with a couple of mates from the gym. Turned into a very random night. I'll never be able to look at pineapple lumps in the same way again... (sorry you had to be there...)

We'd decided on some more Kings of War gaming, but Lee and Paul had also arrived and were playing a game of Saga. Certainly looked interesting. Both Paul and Lee have done a nice job painting the models. If I recall correctly, I think it was Welsh vs. Anglo-Danes.

Here's a few pics:

For my first game, I would be playing Phil in Kings of War. I used a Twilight Kin force whilst Phil ran Basilean(?) force. At a 1000pts, both forces were pretty small. Some regenerating Angels seemed like they would be trouble, but a quick couple of Zzaps sorted that out. It looked a little worrying early on as I lost a few units, but I soon started to knock off the Basileans. In the end it was a pretty convincing win for the Twilight Kin.

Rob and Mark then had a game (Twilight Kin vs. Goblins).... not sure who won that one. Then Paul was keen to try out a game, so he and I played using the same forces as Rob & Mark. Our game came down to the wire, but the Giant stomped around the battlefield finishing off my units. Only the Giant and the 2 Goblin hero's remained on the table.

Both Mark and Rob supplied the Twilight Kin and Goblins for the games.

I took a few pics of the 3 games:

So, all good fun as always. 

Unlike Rob... I have caved and bought a few minis. As soon as Warlord Games announced a competition to win their Pegasus Bridge set.... I couldn't resist, so I ordered some Bolt Action mini's :) Oh well.... more toys.

Now its time to focus on next weekend and Tough Mudder. Getting a little nervous now....