Saturday, 13 June 2015


As Saturday's are now my rest day from training, I was lured down to the South Auckland Wargames club by Mark with promises of a game of Bolt Action.

I arrived only to discover that someone hadn't bothered to bring his Bolt Action models and was currently engrossed in a rather large game of Star Trek. One with some giant cube thing.....

A sizable Borg fleet was facing a combined Federation and Klingon force. I've no idea of the end result, but I am sure Rob will post some detail on his blog.

More promises were made in between facebooking and questions about whether it was someones turn again in Star Trek.... which meant a little boy waited ;-)

Whilst waiting, I took the oppourtunity to check out the other game in action at the club. A 28nm Napoleonic's game. I'm not sure what ruleset was being used. The forces looked nice though.

Eventually I got a game of Incursion organised against Mark. We played the first two missions in game to get the hang of the rules.

The quality of everything is awesome. From the models through to the cards and counters etc.

I'd play the Sturmzombies and Mark fielded the Americans on this occasion. The first game was brutally quick as the American's pretty much walked through my zombies to escape the board winning the game.

The game itself played very well and it is pretty simple. It's basically weird war 2 space hulk, but more awesome and with more character. Time will tell, but I also think there are more tactical options with being able to select forces and being able to use event cards.

Into the second game we went. This time we could choose our forces. Time to try out some Bomberzombies (think running bombs!). In the end they didn't do much.... but my Blitzhounds were brutally effective....

They won the game after tearing the American troops to pieces.

So 1 win each.

I'm definitely keen to play more of this game. It was worth the wait.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Was good fun Will and nice to play something different. (especially since we are playing bolt action every week). I like the Americans lots of firepower but week in close combat. Choosing your force is a nice option and I think I need to read up on the different weapon types. I'm sure a flamer would be awesome. 😊

    1. Thanks. We will definitely play it again. I'm sure flamethrowers are nasty. I'll try and read up some more over the week.