Wednesday, 10 June 2015

It's Arrived

Finally! A big box was sitting at the doorstep waiting patiently for me to get home from work today.

I've been looking forward to this for some time... ever since backing the kickstarter way back in 2013!

What am I on about... well this - Incursion!

It's been quite a journey for the guys @ Grindhouse, but fair play to them. They stuck to it and ensured that all us backers were well updated with what was happening.

All that matters though is it is here and it looks awesome. The quality of everything is also top notch, so I'm pretty happy with the extra wait that came with Grindhouse going with the best. I'm pretty happy and I think it looks a lot better than my previous kickstarter experience....

But I'm not very happy with certain postal services. On waking up one morning and checking the tracking info.... I found my package was tantalising close to being delivered.... only to then to see it cruelly snatched away and head on a journey that I'd be quite happy with as a holiday...

There were some nervous moments when I saw the departed Auckland for the second time, but it seems that must be how it records it going through into our local post system.

Still it's here and I'm happy. I'll spend some more time looking through it over the weekend and, with any luck, we might get a chance to try out a game :-)


  1. No wonder postage is the way it is....
    That is one parcel that has seen the world.

    1. Thanks Joakim. Pretty frustrating, so I agree, no wonder people are less interesting in using postal services. Still not much choice for cool stuff like this when you live at the end of the world :-)

  2. LOL this game is so 2013 :), glad to see it finally arrived

    1. So am I! Now to check everything is here. What did I order again...!? :-)