Thursday, 4 June 2015

Learning an arcane art

I've always been a little in awe of those who have mastered Photoshop and it's magical abilities.

For me though, it's always been this confusing jumble of weird names and tools, so it has always gone into the too hard basket.

Until this week.

The Warbird open day on Sunday was a great day, but the weather was crap. It meant most of the photos were like this....

Just flat and white due to the cloud and glare. Normally there is little I could do to tidy these up even with the skills I have picked up in Lightroom.

Luckily though, I have a good mate who is a Photoshop wizard. He is well versed in its mystical ways..... Lee has spent a lot of time using Photoshop and was more than willing to provide some tutelage. (He's actually since posted the process on his blog here - check it out!)

So after a few emails with some detailed steps... I was able to create this:

Not perfect, but pretty cool none the less. I'm really happy with the result (and am also glad I shot in RAW format instead of Jpeg!).

Once I got the hang of a few of the details around layers etc, I found it wasn't that hard or time consuming after all. Something I should definitely try again.

Thanks for the help Lee! :-)

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