Monday, 1 June 2015

The Longest Day

But it almost didn't happen. Just like the real thing really although not quite on the same scale!

I woke to a pretty wet and miserable day yesterday morning, so things weren't looking good for the D-Day themed Warbirds open day at Ardmore airport.

After checking in with Mark G, the weather was currently looking okay down Ardmore way, but it changed pretty quick.

The volunteers on the gate were looking pretty wet and despondent in the rain. They also advised that not much was likely to happen. Still, I was here and it's always good to have a wonder. A chance to photograph the static displays and re-enactors in a different light so that's what I mostly focused on throughout the day.

But low and behold, just like D-Day, the weather cleared allowing the full show to go ahead! With the rain earlier on, I had decided not to bother carrying my Sigma around. I mostly just used my 55 - 250mm lens during the displays, but even then I didn't take a lot of shots. The cloud cover meant it was pretty pointless, so I tried to focus on a few different shots/angles. Suffice to say there are not many photos of planes flying from yesterday!

You'll also notice I've now watermarked my photos (thanks for the design Lee! :-) ). A number of my photos have been downloaded and I've noticed a few pop up without being credited to me. I don't mind people downloading the photos, but please credit them to me if displaying them somewhere else.

Anyway, here's my selection from the day...


Waiting for the war to start....

Whoops... mind the gap!

The Mk14 Spitfire was still up at Ardmore, but unfortunately technical trouble meant it was unable to fly. It was still displayed on the flight line, but with engine covers off... made for some pretty cool photos.

There was one final surprise during the day though.

Not 1...

Not 2...

But 3 Strikemasters! First time in over 20yrs.

A pretty cool sight and a good day overall in the end.

Didn't get any more rain until I got home :-)

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice work with the camera, and with the weather too! Love the black and white shots, very cool :-)

    1. Thanks Paul. I think we got pretty lucky with the weather!