Saturday, 19 November 2016

RNZN 75th Anniversary

This year sees the 75th anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy. Quite a few events were planned, but unfortunately weather and a rather large earthquake in Kaikoura kinda changed plans a little.

The first major event was to be a fleet arrival with gun salute. This would be all the ships from the visiting navies sailing into Auckland harbour.

To see it Mark G and I took the day off work..... only to have the event bought forward a day early due to bad weather!

No matter... to make the most of the day, we popped into the city to have a wander around all the berthed ships.

The most impressive would have to be the Chilean ship Esmeralda. Would be great to see it under sail. Just a shame about it's dark past.

A few shots from our wander around:

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