Monday, 14 November 2016


Quite a busy weekend last weekend.

First up, something a bit different and not something that I had thought there was a big following about here.

A Steampunk festival.... seems it is quite popular and some awesome costumes too!

The location was Thames, and since it isn't far to go from Auckland (depending on detours!), Mark G, Rob and I decided to head down to have a look.

Unfortunately the weather didn't play ball with rain showers throughout out the day. Still, there were enough fine periods to enjoy the street parade and carnival that were on offer.

Well done to the organisers and all the people who quite enjoy getting into theme and dressing up!

Enjoy :-)

Finally, a nice little acrobatic act to finish of the day before the rain drove us off.

I think we'll definitely pop back next time.

Thanks for reading :-)

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