Thursday, 10 November 2016

Carnage in Normandy

Friday night has been and gone again all too quick.

But at least I was in time for a game this week! :-)

Emails and messages earlier in the week meant Late War Flames of War - 1750pts.

Theatre of combat was to be Normandy. Shame I hadn't read the email properly by turning up with a Market Garden list. As least I wasn't the only one....

No amount of denial of knowledge was listened too as the emails were re-checked. Whoops :-)

Still, after some hasty rejigging, I had an armoured force of Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry from
Overlord ready to go.

Force consisted of:

HQ - 2 Sherman
2 Sherman + 1 Firefly
2 Sherman + 1 Firefly
2 Sherman + 1 Firefly
2 Sherman + 1 Firefly
4 25pounders + AOP
Full rifle platoon
Limited Typhoons

I would be up against Nick with a nice little list of Tigers.... bugger.

HQ - 2 Tiger
2 Tiger
1 Kingtiger
Motorcycle recon platoon
3 Nebelwerfers
Platoon of pioneers in half tracks

Apparently the mission that had been rolled up for our table was Cauldron. Double bugger.

Cauldron is definitely not one of my preferred missions.

Still it was game on. I lost the dice roll and would be defender.

That did mean that I got to choose a nice bit of bocage to hide my artillery in though.

I started with the rifle platoon and 25 pounders on the table. One Sherman platoon was in immediate ambush.... who immediately popped and went straight after the CiC Tiger.

With the inevitable result...

The German Tigers quickly advanced and soon the Pioneers joined them (doubling down the road).

At least a Sherman platoon had arrived (turn 4) to make the most of the doubled move. The Tigers had my infantry lined up though...

Some good shooting from the Sherman's gave the Pioneer platoon a good knock, but not enough for a morale check. At least my infantry scared off the assaulting Tigers!

Next turn... and the CiC Tiger was now at the bocage making his presence felt amongst my 25 pounders. The next assault from the Tiger platoon didn't go so well....

With the objective now contested and my Firefly's consistently failing firepower rolls, it was pretty much game.

I did at least get one Tiger from a lucky rear shot from the CiC Sherman.

There ended the game, a 1 - 6 loss.

There's not a lot I could have done differently on reflection. Any mission with delayed reserves is a tough one. The only change perhaps would be bringing on the 3rd Sherman platoon to join those engaging the Tiger platoon.

I had bought them on to the opposite flank to pester the CiC Tiger and threaten the nebelwerfers to prevent that flank collapsing, but the reality was that the real risk was on the other side.

Oh and the Typhoons were a waste of time... turned up twice. Couldn't hit anything, so flew away!

There were two other games in progress over the evening, also Normandy themed. Here are a few shots -

The first...

And the second....

Not a good day for the British forces with a loss in each game.

Next time! :-)

Thanks for reading.

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