Sunday, 20 November 2016

RNZN 75th Part 2

After a pretty nice sunny day on Friday, hopes were up for good weather for the big event - the Naval review and flypast.

This is where a number of the NZ and International ships would line up in the harbour to be reviewed by the NZ Governor General on the HMNZS Otago.

Typical Auckland though..... drizzle, rain, overcast and generally crap conditions.

The review still went ahead, but somewhat dampened. The flypast was unfortunately cancelled with all the low cloud :-(

Still, at least black & white photos work well in rubbish conditions.

Didn't realise until I looked through the photos, but the Chilean sailors were up in the rigging and on the bow line for the salute!

Off course, no military event is without a few protests. Award for best protest vessel and, also, commendation for braving the elements for his cause goes to this guy....

Who just putted along the line of warships and disappeared from sight.

With HMNZS Otago docking to disembark the dignitaries, it was time to follow this guys advice and head home for a cuppa to warm up with.

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