Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Zombies! And a birthday

This week one of the crew celebrate a big birthday! You'll have to read to end to find out who...(but no it's not me!) :)

So, since this Sunday was the closest gaming day to the birthday... it was pizza, beers and games with more pizza and beers to watch the cricket after (but we won't talk about that one...).

When I arrived Mark and Rob were playing a game of Bolt Action. 500pts each and just killing each other to make it simple. Japanese (Rob) vs. British (Mark). I wasn't really following the game to give it much narrative, but I did snap off a few pics. Having played around with some black & whites on Saturday, I decided to try the same thing here :)

I think the British won, but only just!

The end of the game saw the timely arrival of Lee, so it was time to break out the first beers and play something that all of us could join in on - Zombicide!!!

I would be El Cholo for this game. A board was set-up. We had to free a team mate and then escape the board.

I think we may have had too many zombie spawning points...

That is pretty much every zombie on the board. It's not looking good! But then Lee spots a gap and gets the rescued team mate out through the exit. Rob and I charge through a group of zombies and see the exit, so make good our escape....

... whilst waving goodbye to Lee, Phil and Mark's characters who were just too slow. And the zombies close in....

So much for teamwork. At least some of us survived though :)

Finally, rather than another game of Zombicide, Phil ran us through a game of the recent Kickstarter that he had received - Cthulu Wars

Models & board looked pretty good and who doesn't like the idea of Great Old One's stomping around fighting each other!?!

I got to be Nyarlathotep. I'll leave it to your imagination to decide what the model looks like. Mark loved it :)

As far as I could tell, the basic premise is to control areas by building gates on them. This increases your power allowing you to do more stuff and more gates gives you more doom (which is what I think you need to win the game). I'm sure there is more to it though.

Gameplay seemed relatively simple and each of the Old Ones has very different spells and abilities. Would take a bit of time to figure out how to use each of them in the best manner... although it was a little odd that the game owner had already claimed Cthulu as his choice of character. He had clearly studied Cthulu's dirty tricks!

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to finish the game and decided to have some more beers instead.


Happy 40th Mark! Have a good one :) Hope you enjoyed your day on Sunday.

Next week's post might be some what delayed. I expect I will have a few photos to work through as Lee, Rob Mark G and I will be at this over Easter -

Getting pretty excited now. Looks like its going to be a good show again. Fingers crossed all this scratchy crappy weather clears!

Stay tuned :)


  1. What an excellent way to spend a day! You have a great little gaming group there. I've always enjoyed the more informal group more than an organised club. B&W photo's look good, especially the last one of the armoured car creeping up the road with infantry in support.

    1. Thanks Paul. Definitely a great group and I agree... much preferable to a club. Much more relaxed.

  2. Enjoyed the day greatly. Even liked watching the cricket. :-)

    1. How could you enjoy the cricket!? We lost! Or was just all the port that you enjoyed? :)

  3. Zombiecide...A game that really highlights who your mates are..Thanks Will!!!!

    1. Any time Lee :) Thanks for helping Rob and I escape!