Sunday, 18 May 2014

Malifaux May Continues

It's Sunday. That means gaming day again :)

Having read through the rules again during the week, there was some realisation that we'd made a few little errors last week. So, with a better grasp of the rules, we rocked out a few more Malifaux games today (as is the plan for this month). Focus was still "kill the leader" rather than worrying about strategies/schemes to get a firm handle on the rules. We'll give the strategies a go next week.

Not as many photos today. Had left the camera on the wrong exposure setting (centre weighted instead of evaluative metering) after popping in to Ardmore prior to gaming (see the end of this post). Also decided to try shooting on manual and use a higher ISO rather than flash. I think my photos with flash from last week were better. But... it wasn't helped by not paying much attention to what shutter speed I was shooting at... oh well.

Rob (Pandora) and Phil (Rasputina) were already playing when I arrived...

No idea who won. Mark was busy building a Ten Thunders force while he waited.

"A cheerful whistling tune wafted through to Misaki. She momentarily paused to listen closer. Who was it...? The whistling came closer and as the tunes master approached, Misaki grew cold. She knew who that was. That Mad Hatter... Seamus was approaching. This would not end well...."

So Mark and I would play against each other. Mark would field his Ten Thunders gang. It went something like this:

3 Ten Thunders Archers

Sorry, not sure on the crews upgrades.

My force was exactly the same as last weekend (See here).

"Seamus wandered down the road. The day was just starting and a nice walk always helped clear his mind after a hard nights work terrorising the inhabitants of Malifaux. Something made him stop though. It felt as if someone was not just watching, but staring. Seamus' eyes wandered looking for the source.... then his eyes meet the cold hard stare of Misaki. As their eyes meet, Misaki let out her war cry and charged. Seamus smiled......"

So basically the game went like this. Misaki stalked Seamus and moved forward as quickly as she could. Seamus shifted slightly and brought the crew closer together. In very short time Misaki was in melee with one of the Belle's......

She then showed off her fancy ninja skills by diving over the Belle and into melee with Seamus....

The assassination attempt failed though. An annoyed Seamus just backhanded Misaki and pushed her back before drawing his flintlock and firing. Misaki was in trouble...

Next thing.. the Copycat Killer appears next to Seamus and fires his flintlock....

"Misaki fell to her knees. She could feel her life force quickly ebbing away... but perhaps... just perhaps there was still a chance.... if only she could.... But before Misaki could finish her train of thought, there was a blood curdling shriek followed by the crack of a whip. Then there was just pain and everything went black....

Madam Sybelle stood over Misaki's corpse and looked to Seamus. Seamus grinned... yes Sybelle, she will make a fine Belle....."

And with that, the game ended. Talking about it afterwards, we reckoned Mark would have been better off using the Archers abilities to put some hurt on and hold Misaki and Ototo back to strike a little later. The assassination attempt had a chance of working, but was probably always going to be unlikely with cards in my hand and soulstones still available.

For my second game... Pandora wanted revenge... so Rob and I played each other. Rob had a slightly different force this week -

I've only got one good photo of this game and it kinda shows how things went...

The entire, untouched Resurrectionists crew facing Pandora. Just Pandora. Things hadn't gone well for Rob. I'd managed to lure Lilitu and Lelu in turn isolating them and killing them. Blast damage from Sybelle's shriek got rid of the Insidious Madness and the Sorrow's didn't last long now that I knew Ca actions against them didn't halve damage. 

Finally just Pandora was left, but I made hard work of finishing her off. Having to pass Wp checks was annoying and left a few on Seamus' crew paralysed. But, numbers told and Pandora died. 

Pretty convincing win and, too be honest, I thought Rob had a good list. Not sure what he could have done differently. We'll see what difference strategies/schemes make next week.

Whilst Rob and I were playing, Mark and Phil had a game. Here's a couple of pics...

Not sure who won in the end.

With the next open day at Ardmore fast approaching, I figured I better get out and get a bit more practice with my big lens.

So, prior to gaming. I popped into Ardmore... since it is on the way :)

It was a pretty nice day out, but the low winter sun made shooting a little difficult. Still a good day with two Havard's and the P-51 Mustang taking off! Here's a couple of shots...

Most are at 1/200th, but I think I really need to stick at around 1/250th with the Sigma lens. Still one more weekend to practice.