Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shock Horror!

I've finished painting some more mini's :)

Recently completed another two units of Dust Axis models.

The first is another group of Battle Grenadiers. I've painted them the same as the first group, but I think I did a better job on the splinter camo with the first unit. Still, I'm happy with the result.

I've also completed my Laser Grenadiers. I wanted to do them black so they would look dark and menacing, when painting them... just differing shades of black looked a bit odd. Decided to break up the models a bit by keeping the colours for the boots/gloves the same as the other units.

I'm not entirely sold on how they look at the moment, but I think they will be fine. Not sure I really pulled off the black menacing look. Probably shouldn't have put flowers on the base if I wanted them to have that dark look though.... :)

I still have some work to do to learn how to photograph minatures. I think a little light box might help.

Anyway, now to start on the HQ unit. I think I might try marsh pattern splinter camo or plane tree as something a bit different. Also need to get started on the Axis Zombies and figure out how to paint zombie skin.