Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sunset Photography

The weather has been pretty good here of late, but it is getting much colder now. With the sun going to bed early and the cool winter nights, it makes for some interesting photography.

Lee rang me last night to grab the camera and pop out with him to have a crack at photographing the sunset from a local spot that looks out over Auckland city...

Didn't try too much settings wise. Just stayed on Av, Iso 100 and f/7.1 - 9. Here's the results:

Auckland City - A Winters Sunset

The clouds really add some nice imagery to the photos. What images can you make out in the clouds? :)

I'm pretty happy with the result. Unfortunately a lot of the detail of the city itself is lost. I probably should have tried a few shots using my 50-250mm to get a better view of the city. Still it's not going anywhere, so plenty of other nights to try out other things! 

One other thing I did was bracket all the shots (+ and -1 exp stop each time). This was so I could try some HDR processing in Photoshop. Not sure I like the end results. Either the photos just aren't really right for an HDR finish or I haven't processed them correctly. Here's a couple of examples anyway... interested in peoples thoughts...

Set 1: The 3 original photos (-1, 0, +1 exp)

After HDR processing:

Set 2: The 3 original photos (-1, 0, +1 exp)

After HDR processing:

Finally, I liked this photo so much I just had to convert a copy into black and white:

P-51 Mustang Takes Off